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Are You Suffering From  Ringing, Buzzing Or Humming (Tinnitus)  In Your Ears?

Are you suffering from ringing, buzzing or humming (Tinnitus) in your ears?

Ringing in the ear is becoming common as the world is advancing.

Various causes for Tinnitus are:

  • Repeated exposure to loud noise: watching TV with

loud volume, keeping your home theatre on high volume etc.

  • Overuse of headphones with loud noise:

If your kids are fond of music and if they are using

headphone all the time, then please guide them or

instruct them about the side effect of using it with high volume.

  • Excess exposure to sound of machinery:

this is known as occupational hazards. If you are

working in factory where there is loud noise of

machinery, you are at high risk of developing tinnitus.

  • Excess ear wax: yes, even ear wax can cause tinnitus. But

remember cleaning your ear with earbud is not advisable. It is

always better to use thin cotton cloth to clean your ear.

  • Ear infection: if tinnitus is with pain or itching in your ear, it

can be due to infection in your ear.

  • Excess alcohol consumption
  • Poor circulation
  • Side effect of some medications: if you feel that

after starting any medicine you have got tinnitus, then

you need to talk to your doctor to find out if the medicine is the cause.

  • Nerve malfunction in your brain: Not just damage to your ear, but

any malfunction of nerve in your brain can also lead to tinnitus.

  • Dental problems like-Dental infection, teeth grinding or jaw joint problem:

your tinnitus can be because of referred pain due to

your dental diseases. Another very common but

less known causes may be you subconscious

teeth grinding habit, or some problem in your

jaw joint. We are having some very effective

treatments for both teeth grinding and jaw joint problems

exclusively available only at our clinic in India. You can

book your appointment by calling us on 9825395427.

  • For dentist – using high speed instruments:

We know that exposure to sound of big machinery can

cause tinnitus. But for your surprise, dentist who are

working with high speed instruments are also

at high risk of developing tinnitus.

Remember- nerve is difficult to repair once damaged. But

at least you can prevent the further damage by-

  • Avoiding above mentioned causes if possible.
  • Wear earplug if you are working in high noise environment.
  • Practice Exercise & pranayama regularly. If you haven’t yet

received our Free DVD, just click here to get it now!

  • Take proper nutrition.

Food that can help you in tinnitus-

Recent study indicate that tinnitus probably involves a

nerve malfunction in the brain rather than just

damage to your ear. There are nutrients which will

help you to maintain your nerve function

vitamin B6 -it helps in nerve function. Your body uses

vitamin B6 to make myelin-a fatty layer that

covers & protects your nerve & enables them to function efficiently.

Good vegetarian sources of vitamin B6 are:

  • Whole grains
  • Legumes
  • Sesame seed &
  • Pista

If your tinnitus persists, consult your doctor as per the cause-  your

physician, homoeopath, ENT, Neuro physician or your dentist!

That’s all for today.

See you next Tuesday with another Tuesday Tip.

Till then….

Take care & protect your ears from the loud sounds of fire crackers this Diwali!

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Dr Bhumita Makwana

Your dietitian & cosmetic clinician

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