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Loose your belly fat naturally Now!

The only diet plan with Simple, delicious & nutricious recipies Specially prescribed for you Based on your age, personality, preferences & daily schedule.

Compnay Motive

Our program revolves around healthy nutrious meals and healthy lifestyle habits. We give you right combination of foods which improves your digestion, absorption and elimination system and regulates your metabolism. We create harmony between your internal body and external environment and thereby help to keep-off excess weight permanently.

  • Based on the latest nutrition, health and weight management research.
  • Program is designed taking into consideration your like- dislike, schedule, appetite And even your social background so following it becomes very easy.
  • You don’t have to remain hungry! You have to eat 5-8 meals a day.
  • We do not give monotonous eating program. We include hundreds of recipes so You never get bored with the same food.
  • We don’t give any food packets, tablets, medicines or artificial foods for the Purpose of weight reduction.
  • Special weight reduction program for thyroid, diabetes and coronary heart Problem patients.
  • Diet for weight loss
  • Diet for weight gain
  • Diet during pregnancy
  • Diet during lactation
  • Post operative diet (diet after any operation)
  • Infant
  • Children
  • Teenager
  • Young
  • Adolescent
  • Old age
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Cholesterol
  • Arthritis
  • Menopause
  • Gluten allergy
  • Heartburn / acidity
  • Constipation
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Pregnancy

As a Dietician we will assist infants, the elderly, the sick, the hospitalized, the obese, Nursing mothers, sportspersons and a host of other illnesses link diabetes, Hypertension thyroid etc.

If you’re interested in a program that will help you to live healthy lifestyle, lose weight, Achieve great fitness and shape, your search ends here. At SHREEJI CLINIC we know That there are no short cuts to permanent weight-loss. We don’t believe in quick-fix Programs based on crash dieting, extensive exercising. Medicines, artificial foods etc. Because we know that such programs are dangerous for health and also do not give permanent weight-loss. As needs differ from person to person we design individualized weight loss program that match your requirements and expectations.

Our weight reduction program is of three months. Initially you have to join for three months. Further extension is given depending on your obesity or desire. We first find out the root cause of obesity in you.

It may be due to sedentary lifestyle, over-eating, side effect of some medicine, some existing medical problems, post-pregnancy weight gain or combination of two or more factors. Then we attack the cause using our integrated approach of nutritional therapy, physical activity and counseling.

Weight Loss Success Stories

I am a fashion designer by profession & you people know being a fashion designer I have to look perfect, previously I was of 69kg and dresses generally did not suited me. Then some one told me about Dr. Bhumita. I was convinced enough by diet plan which initially I felt tough to follow diet but as it progressed, I feel very easy to follow it. I lost 11kg in just 3 months without exercise specially by inches. It was impossible for me but Dr. Bhumita’s diet has worked for me and the best thing is that after 1 year of leaving diet its not increasing. I am thankful to this diet and Dr.Bhumita for making me confident in my life.


during and after pregnancy I gained unbelievable 30 kg and was feeling very discouraged about my weight. But when I met Dr. Bhumita, I saw rays of hope & according to her advise, I started to lose my excess weight and see today I have lost 25kg. I have returned in my pre pregnancy size and started feeling healthy, fit & beautiful. Thanks to Dr. Bhumita…….. you are an angel.

Dr. Vaidehi

I never believed in doing diet that too if we go anywhere for weight loss plan, they give crash diet which I find is not correct. But when I started diet with Dr. Bhumita, my views for it completely changed. The best part I found here is I don’t get craving of eating new cuisines because my diet consisted of different yummy meals. At the end of the day I never found myself hungry. By this diet I got to know difference between a healthy (balanced) and crash diet.

Siddhi Shah

I have taken 3 month diet plan and I have almost lost around 10kg. It was really great experience and mainly after doing Dr. Bhumita’s diet I got some routine in my daily life and got awareness about what kind of food I should have and what kind of food I should avoid.

Khyati shah

We gaurang trivedi and bhakti trivedi express with great pleasure our experience with shreeji clinic was very wonderful and pleasant.i, gaurang trivedi had undergone for implant treatment for my lower jaw teeth which were in worst condition. I was afraid to going for treatment as previously I had very bad and painful experience with another dentist. But when I met dr.rakesh and I found wow factor in his talk & presentation in very first meeting.

I immediately decide to go for the treatment and my decision was very correct. Total period was @six months and due to his professional mastery, soft nature, painless soft hand it was a pleasant journey. Though I was a diabetic, it went very smoothly and ultimately my whole family, my wife bhakto goes for regular follow ups, my mother had denture @80yrs which was impossible and my sister in law ms shailja had got corrected her spoiled lower bridge case.

In true sense, dr.rakesh has become not only family dental specialist but become a family friend because of his spiritual & homely touch. We wish him a bright future and god blessed him for longer service to the society

Bhakit & Gaurang trivedi

I’m busy, I travel a lot on business & in addition, I avoided dental care I knew I needed for almost a year because I didn’t want the pain. I just couldn’t stand the thought of going to the dentist. But I’ve got to say that Dr. Rakesh and his staff were just terrific! They were patient and understanding. And things sure have changed since the last time I went to a dentist. Dr. Rakesh’s got the newest technology so the treatment was virtually pain-free. I was amazed.

H K Purohit
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