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Are You Suffering Because Of Your Spouse’s Snoring? Part-2

Are you suffering because of your spouse’s Snoring? Part-2

Last week we had discussed about ‘what are the serious health risks associated with

your spouse’s snoring’ in Part 1.   To re-view the tip, just click here.

Today we will discuss about:

  • various types of snoring according to causative factors.
  • 9 steps you can take at your level to stop your partner’s snoring. &
  • When do your partner need to see a doctor?


Your spouse’s snoring can be because of

temporary factors, or more permanent-structural factors.

1)Temporary factors for snoring are:

  • Sedative medicines & sleeping pills
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Excessive smoking
  • Seasonal allergies
  • Swollen tonsils &
  • Common cold or flu

These factors are causing snoring only for

small period of time and they are not

permanent. How do they cause snoring?

They all narrows down your spouse’s

airway. The first two from the list- that is

sedative medicines and alcohol relax the

muscles surrounding the airway. These muscles

keep the airway open. As they get relaxed, the

airway gets narrowed and the snoring starts. As compared

to these, the smoking inflames the airway, while

other factors like allergy, tonsillitis &

common cold swollen the wall of the

air passage and produces snoring. Don’t worry,

the good news is- that as soon as your spouse

gets rid of these causative factors, the snoring

automatically gets cured.

However, there are the other more permanent type of

2)structural factors of snoring. They are:

  • Excessive weight
  • Shape of the palate
  • Internal structure of the nose &
  • Size of the jaws

These structural factors are responsible for

more long term (chronic) snoring and the

lead to more serious health issues which

we have already mentioned in the previous tip.


9 steps you can take at your level to stop your partner’s snoring:

1)Lose weight: if your partner is overweight, this is

the No.1 priority. Losing weight will remove the

extra fat present in your spouse’s neck. It will not only

open the diameter of the airway, but will also

help him improve his overall energy level. Click here to know

the best way to Lose Weight Naturally!

 2)Stop smoking & Alcohol: It would

Not only reduce snoring, but will also elevate the

Overall quality of life.

3)Don’t use sedative drugs: there are various

Other means to tackle that anxiety, stresse,

or depression. Try meditation or take

counselling from a qualified psychologist or psychiatrist.

4)sleeping on the side instead of the back: you probably

know from your experience that this one works. Your

partner snores more while sleeping on the back. And when

you tell him to sleep on the side, the snoring will be

reduced. Basically, while lying on the back,

the tongue goes back because of the gravity. This

reduces size of the air passage. In contrast,

while lying on the side, the tongue also moves on

side leaving the airway open. You can attach a

tennis ball to the back of your partner’s T-shirt. When

your partner will try to turn on the back, the

discomfort of the ball will prevent it and

sleeping position on the side will be maintained.

5)Elevating the head position: if you elevate your

partner’s head by additional pillows, it may

open your partner’s airway reducing his snoring.

6)Pranayam & Ayurveda: If your partner experiences frequent

nasal congestions producing snoring, he can get

benefited by practicing Kapalbhati regularly. He can also

use neti pot. It is an ancient nasal rinse method advised in

Aurveda. If they don’t work, consult a qualified ENT specialist.

7)Use soft music: if the snoring is mild, you might

get some help by playing soft music in background calming

your mind and engaging you in soothing music. It will

help you sleep calmly amidst your partner’s snoring.

8)Use various anti-snoring devices available online: As such

the success rate of these devices available online like

nasal strips are very low, but technically you

have it as one of the option, hence mentioned here!

9)Sleep before your partner: if he starts snoring before

you sleep, probably you will have difficulty getting

sleep. What you can do is, go to sleep before

him. So that, by the time he will

start snoring, you will be already asleep!

When do your partner need to see a doctor?

  • If your spouse snores very loud or snores very frequently
  • If your spouse feels chocking or wakes up gasping for air in between the sleep
  • Morning headaches
  • Excessive daytime sleepiness
  • Feeling of dry mouth on waking up
  • Frequent need to pass urine at night
  • Excessive irritability, moodiness or feeling depressed
  • Any of the above mentioned 9 self-help steps to stop snoring don’t give you result!


That’s all for today.

May you get rid of your partner’s snoring this

Independence day using these self-help tips! & don’t

worry if you can’t. Next week we will discuss about

different treatments available for snoring &

which doctor should you consult for snoring. Including

what I did for my own snoring.

Till then…..

Take care….

Providing simple solutions for the complexities of life-

Dr. Rakesh Makwana

Your Holistic Dentist




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