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How To Treat Your Spouse’s Snoring (How I Treated My Own Snoring & You Can Too)…

How to treat your spouse’s snoring (How I treated my own snoring & you can too)…

This is the third & last part of this series of Tuesday Tips on snoring.

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Today we will discuss what are the treatment

options available, whom should you consult, & my

personal story- how I have treated my own snoring.

So, let’s get started…..

Snoring can be an alarm for a much more

harmful condition known as OSA- Obstructive Sleep Apnoea.

What is OSA?

Obstructive sleep apnoea is a condition when

during the sleep, your spouse completely stops

breathing for a few seconds.


Absolutely no breathing for a few seconds when

his tongue falls back on his throat completely

blocking his air passage. Then, his brain realizes that

the breathing has stopped and as a defence mechanism,

his brain wakes him up. He then either

turns in the bed, or coughs, or wakes up and thus

his tongue again gets raised from the

throat, air passage opens and breathing resumes.

When this complete stoppage of breathing take place

for more than a few times in a night, it is

diagnosed as obstructive sleep apnoea.


When you will consult a specialist doctor for

your spouse’s snoring, the doctor may advise him to

get a sleep study done to evaluate whether he is just

having a snoring, or is he also suffering from OSA.

Coming to the treatment of the snoring,

3 types of treatment for snoring or OSA are possible by 3 different specialists.

1)Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)

2)Custom fitted dental devices and lower jaw-positioners

3)Surgical procedures


1)Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP):

CPAP treatment is given only if your spouse is

suffering from OSA. It is NOT given for simple snoring.

How does it work?

It is a machine which pumps the air into

the air passage with pressure. Thus, because of

continuous air pressure the structures like the

tongue is prevented from falling on the back of the

air passage. That way, your spouse’s air passage is

maintained during the entire night. He gets

good amount of oxygen and uninterrupted

sleep throughout the night. The machine

pumps the air through a tube into a mask which

he has to wear throughout the night.

 Whom to consult?

A Pulmonologist is a specialist doctor trained to

evaluate whether your spouse need to use a

CPAP machine or not, which type of machine will

give the best result in his particular situation &,

how to best adjust it.

2)Custom fitted dental devices and lower jaw-positioners:

How do they work?

These devices move your spouse’s lower jaw in

more forward position. Our tongue is attached to

our lower jaws. Thus, when we move our lower jaw forward,

automatically our tongue also moves

forward. That way, you spouse’s tongue moves in

forward position away from the air passage. His

airway gets open and his snoring or OSA gets relieved.

Bonus advantage:

There is one more bonus advantage of

these devices- if your spouse is having habit of

grinding his teeth, these appliances also take

care of that. Along with the snoring, the

damage caused by the grinding of his teeth will

also be kept under control.

 Whom to consult?

A dentist trained in sleep dentistry should be

consulted to get this custom-made appliance prepared.

How I treated my own snoring (& you can too) with this

unique, patented Australian device….

We- the doctors are also human beings. We can

and do suffer from the same health issues as

you can. I am also not an exception. Before one year,

my wife started complaining to me that I am

snoring very loudly during the night and

her sleep gets disturbed because of that. Immediately

I got one of the most common dental devices made for

myself. It started giving the result from

the very first night. My snoring stopped. It was

all well for around 6 weeks and then suddenly

I started having pain in one of my jaw joints. This is

one of the disadvantage of these

dental devices commonly prepared. While some of the

patients get accustomed to them, the other like me

starts getting pain in jaw joints. So, even if

it was working, I had to discontinue wearing it. I tried

another alternative design, but that also

started giving pain to my jaw joint. It was a challenge…..


I was in search of a dental device that would

cure my snoring without hurting my own jaw joint. & then,

co-incidentally at that time I got a phone call from

my friend- Dr. Pranav Dixit based in Australia. He is

working with a holistic dentist- Dr. Da Cruz at

Canberra. When Pranav told me about

Dr Da Cruz, I realized that he is the doctor who can

help me with my own snoring. I flied to Australia,

personally learned from Dr. Da Cruz about his unique,

patented Australian device. The device is known as SOMA.

SOMA has many unique benefits that other

anti-snoring devices are lacking. Just to mention a few:

  • Anti snoring & preventing teeth grinding (which are same as other devices)
  • Relief in the jaw joint problem. Yes! while

other devices ‘CAUSE’ the jaw joint problems,

SOMA actually ‘TREATS’ them!

  • Calms your autonomic nervous system- it provides

relief from stress & anxiety

  • Improves the balance of your skeleton system – thus

it helps to relieve neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain etc. which

are hard to relieve through pain medicine or physiotherapy

As such, there are many other advantages of SOMA. It can be

a topic for a separate blog on SOMA. Design of the

dental device and the level of comfort is very

important for the patient. Fortunately, as I am both

the doctor and the patient, I have gained

first hand experience of the treatment. I have found

SOMA to be helpful to me. And I sincerely believe that

it can be helpful to you as well. This investment can

change your life! Call us on 9825395427 to book your appointment.

3)Surgical procedures:

For obvious reasons, surgery is usually not the

first choice of the patients. But, we must understand that

there are specific situations when surgery may be the only option for you.

How does it work?

The snoring can be because of the obstruction in

the nose, excessively large adenoids in the throat, large

soft palate, large tongue etc. There are various types of

surgeries needed as per the location of the

obstruction responsible for the snoring.

Whom to consult?

An ENT surgeon can perform the surgery that can

help your spouse to treat the snoring

In severe cases, any one of these treatments may not

give desired result. In that case, you might need to

combine 2 or even all the 3 methods!

Wish you & your spouse a restful sleep…J

See you next Tuesday with another Tuesday Tip.

Till then…..

Take care….

Providing simple solutions for the complexities of life-

Dr. Rakesh Makwana

Your Holistic Dentist




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