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4 Food Groups You Must Avoid When You Are Stressed!

4 Food groups you must avoid when you are stressed!

Stress is said to be the disease of modern living.

More then 70% of my patients come to me

complain of stress. Stress is everywhere-at

your work place, at home, in your

personal relationship and even in the kitchen. Mothers

have stress what to prepare for meal every day. When

you are stressed, your body

releases toxic chemical in your blood stream. Because of

these toxins, you feel tired, irritated and angry. Your

stress also disturbs your digestive function and

slows down your metabolism which

leads to weight gain.

It is well known fact that

the stress is basically a psychological reaction to

your circumstances. The main thing is that

how you handle your stress. Some

are better at handling stress and some are not. However,

you may not be knowing that your food choice will

assist your body to handle the stress.

4 foods that you must avoid in stress are:

(Surprisingly, when you are stressed, you tend to

consume all these above food in

large quantity. Which actually you should avoid.)


This is found in coffee, tea, chocolates cola, etc.

Caffeine stimulates your adrenal gland. This

gland secrets more of your stress hormone, thus

increases your stress level. Along with these,

stress hormones also interfere with your metabolism.

2) Alcohol

It increases irritability, disturbs your sleep.  Thus it puts

extra burden on your body. Alcohol also reduces

your liver’s capacity to remove toxins from

your body which have been produced due to your stress.

3) Salt

Not only top salt but excess salt present in other food like papad, pickle,

processed food, packaged snacks, etc. must be avoided.

Salt increases your blood pressure, disturbs your

adrenal glands and causes emotional instability.

4) spicy food

Spices contains volatile oils. Hot curries, chillies, chilli sauces irritate

your stomach lining. Your digestive system gets disturbed when

it needs to support your body to tackle stress.



Even in Ayurveda it is said that all these 4 foods are tamasic.

They will increase your stress. Avoid them.

Next Tuesday we will discuss about the food that helps you to tackle your stress.

Till then…

Take care..

Providing simple solutions for the complexities of life-

Dr. Bhumita Makwana

Your Dietitian & Cosmetic Clinician

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