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Fatty Liver Disease (Part 2)- Food To Avoid And Food That Help…..

Fatty Liver Disease (Part 2)- Food to Avoid and Food that Help…..

Last Tuesday we had discussed about fatty liver’s types,

reasons and remedies. By any chance, if you had missed it, just click here.

Today we will see which food you should avoid and

which food will help you to heal your fatty liver disease?

Food to avoid

Because of presence of excess fat in your fatty liver, the liver’s

capacity to process your food greatly reduces. Therefore,

you must avoid all the foods that are

difficult to digest even by a healthy liver.

you already know about them.

They are…..

1)Fast food—Bread, burger, pasta, noodles etc. should be

avoided.  They are high in fats, sugar and salt which increase

chances of obesity. Carrying excess weight increases

the risk of liver damage as it increases the

fat deposition in your already damaged liver.

2)White flour (Maida)

White flour is difficult to digest. When you

consume it with your fatty liver, your liver

is required to produce more digestive enzymes. This

increased demand more digestive enzymes produce

extra burden on your liver. This is not only

related to readymade food. Even homemade

puri, nan, roti, pizza base made out of

white flour should be restricted.

3)Artificial colouring & flavouring agents-

The food industry allows more than 3000

additives to be used in the processing of food. And use of these

additives which are nothing but artificial

chemicals made in the laboratory, puts

stress on your liver to process

such chemicals. Not only that, they can cause

allergic reactions or even increase the chances of

cancer forming.

4)High fructose corn syrup-

It just puts on extra calories to your diet which

lead to weight gain and

weight gain is a major risk factor for liver diseases.

Now let us see which food are good for your fatty liver.

Food that help your liver to heal….

1)Vitamin E

It is a very strong antioxidant that reduces

oxidative stresses in your non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Being a good antioxidant, it helps to wash out

free radicals from your liver which

greatly helps your liver to heal.

Good vegetarian sources of vitamin E are as follows-

Sunflower seed-you can have 30gm of sunflower seed in between your main meal

Almond – you can soak almond overnight and can have first thing in the morning

Peanut– you can have in various form like raw, roasted, peanut dry chatni, peanut green chatni etc.


It affects the lipid metabolism by decreasing triglycerides and

total cholesterol. It helps in your

non-alcoholic fatty liver disease by regulating

inflammatory responses. Once inflammatory responses

are reduced, your liver’s healing process can start.

Good vegetarian sources of catechins are

  • Green tea
  • Black grapes
  • Strawberries


It is mainly present in the peel of foods and

it plays important role in lipid metabolism and it restricts

fat deposition in different tissue including liver. Thus,

it will help your fatty liver by preventing

new fat deposit in it.

Good vegetarian sources of Anthocyanine are:

  • Egg plant ( brinjal)
  • Cherry
  • Apple (peel)

Help your liver. Help yourself.

Stop taking all those foods that are

hard for your liver to process.

Take care…

Providing simple solutions for the complexities of life

Dr. Bhumita Makwana

Your Dietitian & Cosmetic Clinician

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