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Popcorn- Good, Bad And What Can You Do?

Popcorn- Good, Bad and What can you do?


·       Popcorn is a  healthy snack that helps in your weight loss.

·       High fibre diet -helps in digestion,

      protect heart and prevent diabetes.

·       It is a good source of MANGANESE-helps you to maintain

      healthy bone-protect against osteoporosis and arthritis


·       Microwave popcorn bags contains chemicals

      that may damage your thyroid gland and

      may lead to weight gain.

·       It also contains preservatives which damage your intestinal lining and

      develops indigestion, blotting, and acidity.

·       Commercially available fake butter flavour may damage your lungs.

      It is not real butter, it is just hydrogenated oil that is complete trans fats.

      That damages your  lung and

      your arteries and can develop heart problem.

·       Readymade popcorns like the one available in movie theatres

      are having double calories as compared to homemade popcorns.

      You will be surprised to know that

      one small bowl of popcorn at movie theatre contains

      300 calories that is same as the calories which

      you should have at your breakfast.

      A big bowl of popcorn at movie theatre contains-

      400-500 calories and 20—30 grams of fats.

·       Even the flavour present are artificial which damages

      your immune system and you may develop allergy.


·       Prepare your own popcorn at home

·       Use homemade ghee

      (But the amount of ghee should be limited)

·       Don’t use microwave,

      pop it old way in your metal pot.

Popcorn [and other snacks] available in cinema

are not only costly in terms of money,

but are costly in terms of your health as well….

Carry your own snacks if you can!

That’s all for today

See you next Tuesday with another Tuesday tip

Till then……

Take care……..

Providing simple solution for complexities of your life.

Dr. Bhumita Makwana

Your Dietitian & Cosmetic Clinician.

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  1. Wow…. Processed are costly monetarily but more expansive health vise. Bang on. Hone food is rocking and trend it for life

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