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JAM: Why To Avoid Giving JAM To Your Child, & What Are Healthier Options?

JAM: Why to avoid giving JAM to your child, & What are healthier options?

Whatever habit you will develop in your child now

will be affecting your child’s health in future.

So, you must know:

Why to avoid giving jam to your child? &,

What are healthier options?

If your child has got sweet tooth, and

if it is your routine to give them bread with jam, or roti /thepla with jam,

then this tip is for you…

Why to avoid giving jam to your child?

Jam contains many artificial agents like:

  • Coloring agent
  • Flavoring agents
  • Preservatives.

These artificial ingredients lead to many  health issues for your child like:

= Hyperactivity of your child

=Increased irritability of your child

=allergic problems like asthma and skin allergy

=Getting common cold very frequently.

Once any of these health issue occurs to your child,

then you spend both time and money for its treatment.

So, why not spend some time right now to develop good habits in your child.

Developing healthy habit in your kids is in your hand,

You are the one who introduces such harmful food to your child.

And then you blame your child that

‘Now he is habituated of taking jam with everything’

There are many healthy options, but

due to fast life you generally prefer something that is readily available.


Don’t worry, there are better and healthier option which will

satisfy your child’s sweet tooth!

Option #1- Replace your jam with raw mango sweet pickle (chundo)

Option #2- Still better option is murabbo, where we replace the sugar with jaggery in previous option

Option #3- Another option is churmu-that is the mixture of roti, Ghee and jaggery


Options 3 & 4 are better than option # 1 contains jaggery in them instead of sugar.

If you have missed our previous tip about jaggery, click here to know why

Jaggery is better than sugar.

The best part is,as they are homemade,

they are free of any artificial harmful ingredients

And yes, too much of sweet is also bad for your child’s teeth.

It must to brush twice a day and get their dental check-up done every 6 months!

That’s all for today .

See you next Tuesday

With another Tuesday tip…..

Till then… take care…..

Providing simple solutions for the complexities of your life

Dr. Bhumita Makwana

Your Dietitian & Cosmetic Clinician


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  1. Bang on. Today’s parent have this statement for their kids, ‘ they are hyperactive, they have small span of concentration” So now they clearly know what they are doing wrong. If you love your child you have to inculcate nutrition and health awareness with discipline.

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