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Hemorrhoids (Part 2): How Yoga Can Help?

Hemorrhoids (Part 2): How yoga can help?

In Part 1 on Hemorrhoids, we had discussed about ‘how your food is your

medicine for haemorrhoids’. Click here to re-visit last tip.

Today we will see how yoga can help in your Hemorrhoids.

Yoga can relieve mild pain, swelling and inflammation

of your haemorrhoids. Pressure occurring on veins due to

long period of standing and sitting can be reduce by

regular practice of kriya, asana & pranayama.

In this lockdown you have good opportunity to

practice yoga regularly. You don’t have excuse of

“lack of time”. Don’t think! Start today itself.

Let us discuss today ‘one mudra and asanas that can help

you in your haemorrhoids’-

Ashwini mudra:

It relives your:

  • Gas trouble
  • Pain due to constipation
  • Pain due to haemorrhoids


Inhale, contract your anal sphincter muscles inwards for

about 2-3 second & then release them. Relax & repeat

again, for about 3-5 minutes.

This is very simple mudra. It can be performed anytime, while

sitting at work, while watching TV, while standing anywhere.

Ashwini mudra with Pavanmuktasana:

Perform this combination 3—5 times for about 2-3 rounds.

Other poses which will also help you in haemorrhoids are

Inverted postures like

  • Viparitakarani


  • Sarvangasana and
  • Shirsasana

it will reduce irritation and pain due to haemorrhoids.

Some other asana like

  • Vajrasana


  • Balasana


  • Matsyasana

also help to relieve your pain.


How to end?

If you are performing yoga to ease your

discomfort due to your haemorrhoids, always end

your session with relaxation in Makarasana.

food and yoga would definitely help you. But,

if you have more than mild discomfort, you

need to consult your physician.

I Thank Dr Bhumita for giving me this opportunity

to share my knowledge with you for the health awareness of the society.

That all for today.

Feel free to contact for personalized yoga sessions as per your individual problems.

Stay home stay safe.

Yogini Minal Panchal

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