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What Are Different Types Of Braces, & Which Is Better?

What are different types of Braces, & which is better?

Today we will discuss about various types of braces. You

may be aware that the ‘Braces’ is a name of the

treatment for correcting the uneven teeth of your child. Actual

name of the treatment for straightening the teeth is-

orthodontic treatment. Broadly, the orthodontic treatment can be

divided in to 2 types of methods:

Method 1- Conventional orthodontic treatment

Method 2- Alternative orthodontic treatment

Let us understand them one by one.

Method 1- Conventional orthodontic treatment

There are mainly 4 different types of conventional orthodontic treatment


1)Metal braces:

these are the most commonly used type of

braces, the oldest of all.


2)Ceramic braces:

these are technically same as the

metal braces, but the only difference is, that these

braces are made up of a tooth coloured material known as

ceramic. Hence, they are less visible in your child’s mouth as

compared to the metal braces.


3)Lingual braces:

the first two types of braces are

placed on the outer side of your child’s teeth. While

this one is placed on the inner side of your child’s teeth. Hence,

it is less visible as compared to the first two types of braces. However,

as they are placed on the inner side of your child’s teeth,

they are much more annoying to your child’s tongue.


4)Invisible aligners:

in this type, a transparent layer of a

resin tray is placed on your child’s teeth. They are almost invisible.

If you have done any kind of research on internet

related to various types of braces, probably you already

know about these 4 kinds of conventional orthodontic treatments. But

chances are, that you have never heard of the second method.

So, let’s see what it is…..


Method 2- Alternative orthodontic treatment

In addition to the above mentioned conventional

orthodontic treatments, there is an alternative orthodontic treatment

available as well. It is known as – ALF (Advanced lightwire functional appliance).


Now, the question arises – How this Alternative Orthodontic Treatment (ALF)

is different from the Conventional Orthodontic Treatments?

Is there any particular advantages of Alternative Orthodontic Treatment over the Conventional Orthodontic Treatment?

Well, the advantages are many.

Here sharing a few of them.


7 Advantages of Alternative Orthodontic Treatment over the Conventional Orthodontic Treatment:

1) Much less painful than braces: As the name of the

treatment suggests, ALF is made up of a light wire. Thus,

it is very much less painful than the conventional treatment with the braces.

2) Barely visible which makes it cosmetically pleasing: ALF is

mostly made up of a light wire which is placed on the

inner surface of your child’s teeth. As you can see in the

following picture of my son, you can not make out that

he is wearing his ALF appliance.

3) Focused of facial development & airway health: I personally

believe that this is he biggest advantage of this

Alternative Orthodontic Treatment for your child. This ALF

treatment is primarily not only focusing of the alignment of

the teeth. It primarily focuses on the overall development of

your child’s face. And, a well developed face means

a well developed airway- a very crucial factor for

the overall health of your child. In Holistic Dentistry, we believe that

your child’s face is having a natural potential to grow well. However,

due to some factors, it is not able to grow upto its full potential. ALF

gives good opportunity to develop your child’s face to

grow well as per the genetic blue print.

4)Not a mechanical, but a supportive device: Instead of

being a mechanical device to move your child’s teeth around, ALF is

meant to be a supportive device doing the process of

restoring a balance in your child’s body.

5) Calming effect on the nervous system: It is a routine complain of

parents now a days that the child is very much

irritable. Due to the supportive nature of the treatment of ALF,

your child’s central nervous system and the autonomic

nervous system calms down. Thus, it has a calming effect 😊

6)Flexible not rigid: As ALF is made up of a specially made light wire,

it is very much flexible and hence, much comfortable to your child.

7) More natural – mimics the tongue  forces for natural orthodontics:

Tongue plays very crucial role in the development of

your child’s face. ALF mimics the forces generated by

a healthy tongue posture and thus your child’s face grows more naturally.


This topic of Holistic Dentistry, Alternative Orthodontics and

ALF is new to India. If you surf through internet, probably

you will not get much content on these topics. Especially

the content made by an Indian Doctor for Indian Patients. Hence,

we will be making a series of blogs and YouTube videos (preferably

in Hindi to reach to maximum people) on these topics. If

you have not yet subscribed to our YouTube channel, do it now

by clicking on the following video link.

After subscribing to our YouTube channel, also click on the

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we upload a new video on our YouTube channel related to

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That’s all for today.

See you next week with another Tuesday Tip.

Till then…

Take care….

Providing simple solutions for the complexities of life-

Dr Rakesh Makwana

Your Holistic Dentist








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