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Don’t Ignore Your Recurrent Cough – It Can Be BRONCHITIS-(Part-1)

Don’t ignore your recurrent cough – It can be BRONCHITIS-(Part-1)

Bronchitis is inflammation of air passage that carry air to your lungs

You may have bronchitis if you are suffering from:


Cough that occur very frequently


Coughing up blood is nearly always a symptom of a disease.

The blood can come from nose, throat, upper airways, or lungs

The medical term for coughing blood is HEMOPTYSIS.

The seriousness of the condition depends on the amount of blood and

the time the blood is being coughed up and

hence you should never ignore this symptom.


When your body tries to fight the infection in your airway,

it causes bronchial tubes to swell

this causes you to cough.

The inflammation also causes less air to be able to move

through the bronchial tubes,

which causes discomfort in your chest


As there is inflammation of your air passage

and increase in mucus secretion,

less air enters in your lung and you feel breathlessness.


fever is an indication for any kind of infection in your body.


As your body struggle to fight against infection,

more energy is spent.

And you feel exhausted.

What causes your bronchitis?

=Viral infection

This is very common cause.

The viruses are in millions,

present in tiny droplets that comes out of

nose and mouth when an infected person cough or sneeze.

These droplets spread in air and then land on surfaces

where the viruses can survive and

in this way you can get infected.

=Cigarette smoking

If you are suffering from cough and

you smoke, your bronchitis is aggravated and

if you don’t stop smoking, then

this increase your risk of developing

some other serious respiratory tract condition like


=Air pollution

Air pollution damages your lungs


Dust create allergy and

it aggravates your cough

=Allergy to artificial flavours in your perfumes and deodorants

Artificial flavours and perfumes are the leading cause for

respiratory tract irritation & inflammation.

Your routine perfumes and deodorants contain many chemical and

you may develop allergy to these chemicals.

What to avoid?

=Avoid smoking

=Protect yourself from dust particles

=Avoid refined and processed food like candies, ice-cream, pastries, sodas etc.

=Avoid canned food

Food that help you to cure/prevent getting bronchitis

will be discussed in next tip.

Till then….

Take care….

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