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The Golden Spice:  How To Get Best Out Of It?

The golden spice: How to get best out of it?

Turmeric in India is used as medicine since

thousands of years. You must have tasted once in your

life span- turmeric milk. Today I’m going to tell you

the fact- how to get optimum benefits out of turmeric. First,

let us talk about turmeric.

Turmeric contains a key component known as Curcumin.

This curcumin has many health benefits like:

  • Antioxidant= improves your immunity
  • Antibacterial & antifungal= protect you against infections
  • Anti-inflammatory= Helps you in better recovery from infection.

However, this curcumin is not well absorbed in your body.

What you need to do?

Take the help from black pepper!

Black pepper contains bio-active compound known as Piperine. This

Piperine helps you to boost the absorption of your

curcumin from the turmeric by two ways-

  • First, due to Piperine, Curcumin can pass through your

intestinal wall easily and enter into your blood stream.

  • Second, it may slow down the breakdown of curcumin by liver. Thus,

good level of curcumin is maintained in your blood stream for longer

Period of time.

Piperine also helps you to desensitize a specific pain receptor

in your body. This further reduces your feeling of discomfort.

When combined, Turmeric and black pepper are a powerful

inflammation- fighting duo that help to reduce your pain & discomfort!

One more fact ……… is that…….

Curcumin is fat soluble. Hence, you need to take it with

good fat to increase its absorption. Now you will

understand that why our grandma gives it with milk.

Now onward, when you take turmeric milk,

don’t forget to add black pepper, & to enhance its absorption

even more, add nuts to your milk like almond and walnuts.

What is the proportion of turmeric powder to black pepper powder?

1 spoon of turmeric in 200 ml milk with a pinch of

black pepper powder.

And, the best time to consume it is

early in the morning or at the bed time.

That’s all for today,

See you next Tuesday with another Tuesday tip.

Till then…

Take care….

Providing simple solutions for the complexities of life-

Dr Bhumita Makwana

Your Dietitian & Homoeopathic Physician.

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