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Don’t Ignore Your Recurrent Cough – It Can Be BRONCHITIS-(Part-2) YOUR FOOD Is YOUR MEDICINE

Don’t ignore your recurrent cough – It can be BRONCHITIS-(Part-2) YOUR FOOD is YOUR MEDICINE

This is Part-2 about your recurrent cough,

which can be BRONCHITIS.

Last week, in Part-1, we had discussed about

  • What causes your Bronchitis and,
  • What you should avoid if you are having Bronchitis.

If you have missed Part-1, just click here to read it.

In today’s tip we are going to discuss how

Your food is your medicine for Bronchitis!

Food that helps you to control your bronchitis are:

  1. Vitamin A
  2. Vitamin C
  3. Vitamin E &
  4. Water

let us discuss them one by one….


Also known as Beta Carotene-

Non-vegetarian get vitamin -A (Retinol) directly from non-vegetarian food.

But for vegetarian they get pre-form of vitamin-A –

that is Beta Carotene.

And this beta carotene you have to take four times more than retinol.

Then only your daily requirement is fulfilled

Vitamin – A is very helpful in your bronchitis, as

it helps you to develop your disease fighting ability.

Good sources of vitamin-A are-


You get good amount of beta carotene from

cooked carrot, as beta-carotene is present in the

matrix of carrot fibre and when you cooked it,

beta-carotene is released from this matrix.

Both red and orange carrot are nutritious

Take it according to its availability.

In one of our previous tip, we had discussed about

The difference between red carrot v/s orange carrot.

Just click here to know the difference…..


It is available in all seasons,

you can include it in salads,

you can make soup out of it or,

you can also take raw juice of it.


Palak, Coriander etc.

You can add these green vegetables to your salad.

Also, you can make soups and raw juices.

You can add Coriander leaves in your lemon juice as well.


It is beneficial because it improves

the function of your immune system.

Immunity means your body’s fighting ability against diseases.

Stronger the immunity stronger is your health.

Weaker immunity is susceptible to all stresses

either physiological, psychological or environmental.

Thus, its helps you to fight against viral infection and allergies.

Good source of vitamin-C are-


As a matter of fact, there is no vitamin -C in raw pulses. However,

when you sprout it, Vitamin-C is developed in it. But,

when you  cooked it vitamin-c  goes away. So,

it is always beneficial to take raw sprouted.

A hand full of sprouted in morning is more beneficial.

You can also add it to your salads

Also you can use it for dressing many snacks like

poha, upma, bhel etc.


Either take it raw, or

you can also make smoothie out of it.


Always have apple directly without cutting it with knife.

Or, just cut it freshly when you want to have it. As,

vitamin -C is destroyed on exposure to the oxygen present in atmosphere


It helps to reduce your inflammation.

Thus, it gives your body faster recovery.

Good sources of vitamin-E are-


You can have handful of sunflower seeds per day


Taking Soaked almond in morning is more healthy.



Take at least 7—8 glasses per day.

When you take warm water sip by sip, it keeps your throat clean.


If your cough persists for more than 3 weeks,

Don’t try to self-cure it.

Consult your doctor.

That’s all for today.

See you next Tuesday,

with another Tuesday Tip.

Till then……

Take care…..

Providing simple solution for complexities of life

Dr Bhumita Makwana

Your dietitian and cosmetic clinician

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