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Beware Of Your Sugar Consumption This Festive Season!

Beware of your sugar consumption this festive season!

You are aware that-

If you increase sugar consumption, you will put on weight or

if you have diabetes, then your blood sugar level will rise. But

there are also many other problems which are due to

your over consumption of sugar, which you are unaware of.

6 problems with your increased sugar consumption are:

  1. Chronic muscle cramps:

Your increased sugar consumption reduces important minerals such as

potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium. Calcium & magnesium are

important for proper muscle contraction and relaxation.

Sodium & potassium are presents intracellular and

extracellular & if they reduce, can lead to cellular

dehydration and chronic muscle spasms.

  1. Toxin & heavy metals in your brain:

It leads to depletion of trace mineral stores in your brain &

opening up of your blood brain barrier, which allows toxins and other

heavy metals to accumulate in your brain tissue.

  1. Reduced immunity:

When you take excessive sugar, antioxidant such as

glutathione, vitamin-C and vitamin-E are reduced in

your body. This antioxidant plays a major role in

your body to keep you healthy by destroying

free radicals which causes disease in your body. Thus,

when all these antioxidants are reduced, your immunity is compromised.

  1. Bone & joint problems:

Increased sugar in your body leads to inhibition of

protein synthesis. This leads to change in the

chemistry of your bones & joints ultimately

making you suffering from bones & joint problems.

  1. Nerve damage:

As there is loss of minerals like calcium & magnesium on

over consumption of sugar, it may lead to

destruction of nerve, giving you chronic pain, neuropathies,

vision disorder and accelerated organ disfunction.

  1. Skin aging:

It changes the structure of your collagen. This in turn

cause wrinkle, loose skin, dull unhealthy skin which

make you look aged than your actual age.


May you be able to protect yourself from

harmful but tempting online shopping offers &

harmful but tempting sweets this festive season!

Next week we will discuss 4 ways to calm down your sugar cravings.


Providing Simple Solutions for The Complexities of Life-

Dr Bhumita Makwana

Your dietitian & cosmetic clinician

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