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Acne (Pimple) Part-3: Is your Cosmetics causing your Acne?

Post Series: Acne

This is part -3 of series on ACNE.

We have already discussed that

All ACNE are not same

Different type of ACNE

And most common treatment mistakes.

Click here if you have missed part 1.

Currently we are discussing different CAUSES OF ACNE.

Among the different causes of acne, we have already discussed


Bacteria and


Click here to read part 2.


This Navratri you must be using COSMETICS

So today we will be discussing how cosmetics can cause your ACNE.

(A)Your cosmetic ingredients-

Your skin may be sensitive to some of the ingredient of your cosmetics.

It may be anything-the oil, fragrance, or even the natural ingredient of your cosmetics!

So, watch out for your ACNE episodes.

See if they are caused by your current cosmetics.

So now let us see the role of your make up brush-

(B)Your makeup brushes

All your brushes should be cleaned after each use.

Even if they are made up of natural bristles…

Your brushes collect your dead skin cells, dirt, bacteria and oil in them.

These may block your skin pores.

After use, clean them with warm tap water and dry on a cotton tower or a tissue.

(C)Your make up sponges

Sponges that you use to blend your foundation,

Must be regularly washed if they are reusable.

And, if you are storing your damp sponges in the plastic bags,

The bacteria will feel like heaven there!

You can choose non-latex and dye-free sponges to avoid any potential allergic reaction.

(D) Your hair plucker-

Yes, Plucker that you are using for plucking your facial hair!

If you don’t want to get your hair follicles getting infected with bacteria,

Sterilize your plucker with germ-killing alcohol sponge or hydrogen peroxide.

(E)Your lip balms-

If your lip balm is comedogenic and with a fragrance;

It can develop acne around your mouth.

Comedogenic is a product that clogs your pores and

In addition, the fragrance of the balm will

Stimulate more sebum production and develop ACNE.

Start using fragrance free and non-comedogenic lip balms to avoid acne.

(F)Your hair products-

They may contain petroleum, silicon or shear butter.

As they are oily, may clog your pores, trap bacteria-leading to ACNE.

-get the hair care products without these ingredients

-wash your hair before washing your face and body.


Among the difference causes of Acne, so far we have discussed

  • Genes
  • Bacteria
  • Hormones and
  • Cosmetics.

In future tip, we will be discussing how

  • Soap
  • stress and
  • sweat

causes your acne

After finishing different causes of acne

We will be discussing

Different between teen acne and adult acne.

Good habits for teen acne.

Nutrition for your skin and

various treatment options for treatment of your acne.

Today’s action step;

Find out if you are getting your acne because of your cosmetics!

Wish you happy and safe Navratri.

Do share this tip with your near and dear one who might get benefited.

Do leave your Comments, Views or Queries.

That’s all for today

See you next Tuesday with another Tuesday tip

Till then take care.


Providing simple solutions

for the complexities of life

Dr Bhumita Makwana

Your Dietitian & Cosmetic Clinician

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