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Avoid This, If You Are Suffering From Migraine…..

Avoid this, if you are suffering from Migraine…..

If you are suffering from migraine,

you should avoid DATES!

Dates are very healthy.

They are good source of –

  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Potassium and

It is also a very good alternative for sugar.

However, if you are suffering from migraine,

you should avoid DATES, because

they contain TYRAMINE.

Tyramine can trigger migraine in susceptible person.


Tyramine is an organic compound found in plant and animal food.

Due to its chemical structure,

Tyramine is called monoamine.

There’s an enzyme in your body that breaks down this monoamine

called monoamine oxidase [MAO].

This enzyme helps process tyramine in your body.

If you get migraine and don’t have enough monoamine oxidase in your system,

you could get headache,

after you eat food rich in tyramine.


Allopathy can only give relief from pain in migraine.

But if you want to prevent it,

take care of your diet &

for that, consult a qualified dietitian.

And if you want to cure your migraine, there are also

other alternative therapies like


That all for today

See you next Tuesday,

With another Tuesday tip.

Till then …..

Take care….

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