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Are You Having Craving For Salt?  It Can Be Because Of Calcium Deficiency

Are you having craving for salt? It can be because of calcium deficiency

Craving for certain food is generally considered as

Psychological problem. In fact, it is a good sign. Craving for

any food means that your body is trying to tell you that

there can be some nutrient deficiency. And,

one of the craving like salt craving can be due to

lack of calcium in your body. When you eat

more salty food, the sodium in your salt removes

calcium from your bones & increases

calcium in your blood. This gives false message to your brain

that your calcium deficiency is over. But,

this is a temporary measure and it also further

weaken your bone.

What should you do?

Increase intake of calcium rich food

if you are having calcium deficiency.

When it comes to calcium rich food, the first source

which comes to your mind is “MILK”. But believe me, besides milk

there are many other good sources of calcium. To know

more about calcium rich food click here. If you also want to know

how to increase the absorption of calcium from

your vegetarian sources click here.

Remember, craving can be need of your body for micronutrients.

Consult your qualified dietitian for your food cravings.

That’s all for today,

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Take care

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Dr Bhumita Makwana

Your Dietitian & Homoeopathic physician.



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