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Myth: Milk Is The Best Source Of Calcium….

Myth: Milk is the best source of Calcium….

MYTH—Milk is the best source of calcium.

So, whether your child likes the milk or not, you

have to force them to drink milk. Otherwise,

they will have calcium deficiency.


If you believe in this myth, you want to

make your child to drink milk at any cost.

& what do you do? Either one of these 2-

1)You add plenty of sugar and, some chocolate powder or

some other protein powder which are

full of additives and preservatives.

So, in order to give milk to your child you give

so many unhealthy things along with it.

2)Or, you get angry on them and milk time becomes

stressful event for you and for your child.


Let us see what is the truth—-

100gm of milk contains 210mg of calcium. However, many

greens have either equal or better amount of calcium than milk.

Curry Leaves:

Curry leaves contains 830mg of calcium in 100 gms.

That is, it is 4 times more than milk!

You can make paste out of curry leaves and

can add that paste to your potato stuff paratha,

wadas, cutlets, roti sandwich, etc.

Cauliflower leaves:

Cauliflower leaves contains 626mg of calcium in 100gms.

That is, it is 3 times more than milk!

Commonly you use only cauliflower and not its leaves,

But now as you know that cauliflower leaves are

more nutritious don’t just throw it away.

You can add cauliflower leaves in your subji,

to your stuff paratha, you can also make

muthiya out of cauliflower leaves, etc.

Fenugreek leaves:

Fenugreek leaves contains 395 mg of calcium in 100 gm.

That is, it is 2 times more than milk!

You get fenugreek leaves in all season. But

you get better quality in winter.

So, have plenty of fenugreek leaves in winter.

Radish leaves:

Radish leaves contains 265 mg of calcium in 100 gm.

That is, it is little bit more than milk!

You can make muli paratha add plenty of muli leaves to it.

You can also make subji out of it.


Having food should be a pleasant experience.

If your child doesn’t like to drink milk, don’t force.

Consult your dietitian- we can give you healthy and tasty alternatives.

That all for today.

See you next Tuesday,

With another Tuesday Tip.

Till then…..

Take care……

Providing simple solutions for the complexities of life.

Dr. Bhumita Makwana.

Your Dietitian & Cosmetic Clinician.

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