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Are You Having Craving For Coffee?  It May Actually Be Because Of A Nutrition Deficiency….

Are you having craving for coffee? It may actually be because of a nutrition deficiency….

When you feel tired & exhausted, you crave for coffee. Or,

sometimes when you are tired, your friends or relatives

suggest you to drink coffee. They say that- ‘take coffee you will feel better”. However,

if you are easily getting tired and exhausted, and

it is happening to you too frequently, it may be due to iron deficiency.

  • When you are unaware about your iron deficiency, you

might take your tiredness as a sign for “craving for coffee’.

  • coffee contains caffeine. This caffeine interferes in your iron

absorption. Thus, when you take coffee to get rid of

feeling of tiredness & exhaustion, the caffeine present in

the coffee may give a temporary ‘kick’ to your brain.

  • As caffeine is a worldwide well-known psycho stimulant

compound – It temporary gives you a feel-good feeling.

  • But what coffee actually does is, by interfering in your

iron absorption, it increases your iron deficiency.

This set up vicious cycle

Iron deficiency—feeling tired—consuming coffee—low iron absorption—iron deficiency.

What to do?

Coffee will give you temporary relief but if you want permanent solution,

then get rid of iron deficiency. Increase your consumption of food rich in iron

Click here to know the good natural sources of iron & also know which

food helps in iron absorption.

Let your food be your medicine.

That’s all for today

See you next Tuesday

With another Tuesday tip

Till then take care.

Providing simple solutions for the complexities of life-

Dr Bhumita Makwana

Your Dietitian & Homoeopathic Physician.

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