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Myth: Beetroot Is Having Highest Iron Content Among All Vegetarian Sources

Myth: Beetroot is having highest Iron content among all vegetarian sources

There is a very common belief that

Beetroot is the best vegetarian source

Of Iron. So, whether your child likes the

beetroot or not you have to force them to

eat beetroot. Even I had heard other doctors advising

to take beetroot as a good and only

vegetarian source of iron, otherwise

you will have iron deficiency. But, the fact is that

there are many other vegetarian sources from

which you can get up to 13 times more

amount of iron and are

easily available and, you &

your child will liked it.

Vegetarian sources having good amount of Iron are as follows-


100gm of mint leaves has 15.6mg of Iron whereas

beet contains 1.19mg of iron. That

means mint leaves have 13 times

more iron then beet. You can

make mint chatni which can be

applied on your kid’s favourite sandwich. You can also

make mint paratha, mint lemon juice, mint

salads, mint curd salad…….etc.


100g of sesame seed have

15.04mg of iron. That is

12 times more than beet root. You can

Prepare sesame seed chicki,

Sesame seed stuff paratha, you can add

roasted sesame seed in your

mouth fresheners. You can also add

sesame seed in your vegetable curries or tadka.


100g of curry leaves has

8.67mg of iron. That is

7 times more than beet root. You can

make paste out of curry leaves and

add it to your stuff paratha or pakoras.


100g of rajgira contains

7.6mg of iron. That means

6 times more than beet root. You can add

Rajgira flour to your roti flour. you can also

make roti, paratha, sheera out of rajgira flour.

In addition to iron, you will also get

many other nutrients from above sources,

Like-protein, fibre, b-vitamins, vitamin -c……. etc.

So, don’t force your child to have

beetroot if they don’t like it. There are many

other vegetarian sources which are having

much higher iron content than beet root.

These all are very easily available and,

very routinely used in Indian recipes. Unfortunately,

we underestimate their nutritive values…

That’s all for today,

See you next Tuesday,

With another Tuesday tip,

Till then,

Take care.

Providing simple solutions for the complexities of life-

Dr. Bhumita Makwana

Your dietitian and cosmetic clinician.

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