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4 Ways To Calm Down Your Sugar Cravings…..

4 ways to calm down your sugar cravings…..

In the last tip we have already discussed the harmful

effects of over-consumption of sugar. Today

we will discuss 4 ways which will help you to

calm down your sugar cravings. But it is very

important that, you should follow them on the

regular basis then only it will be effective. If you will

follow just once or twice then it won’t be beneficial. So,

let’s get started…..


4 Ways to calm down sugar cravings are:

1)Have herbal teas regularly:

Herbal tea contains good antioxidant which

help to boost your metabolism. They also

help to regulate your blood sugar level which

in turn helps you calm down your sugar craving.

Few examples of herbal teas-

*cinnamon tea-cinnamon contains

polyphenol which help you to reduce

sugar cravings by controlling your blood sugar levels. cinnamon

helps to lower down your insulin spikes that result from

imbalanced high sugary meal which

leads to more sugar cravings.

*clove tea– clove contains good amount of antioxidants like-

anthocyanins, quercetin and eugenol. Among which

eugenol has anti-inflammatory, stomach soothing and

blood sugar regulating properties.

2)Eat lots of cultured vegetables:

Consuming excess sugar is like

providing fertilizer to the bad bacteria in your

gut. It leads to increase in different pathological changes.


Cultured vegetables are fermented vegetables. Fermentation

process increases the nutrients availability in vegetables. This

is due to good bacteria that are required to digest and

utilize your food.


So, when you have cultured vegetables which contains good

bacteria, they help you to minimise bad bacteria in your gut &,

to control your sugar cravings.

3)Drinking tender coconut regularly:

Coconut water is full of various nutrients and

is also sweet in taste. Having natural sweet drink

once in a day can help to cut down your

other sugar cravings. The best time to drink

coconut water is midmorning or mid-afternoon on empty stomach.

4)A glass of water:

A glass of water in many cases can

satisfy sugar craving. Whenever you are thirsty,

you crave to drink sugary drinks. So,

just have a glass of water to control your sugar cravings!


That’s all for today

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May you be able to control your sugar craving this new Vikram samvat.

Wishing you all the best!

Proving simple solutions for the complexities of life-

Dr Bhumita Makwana

Your Dietitian & Cosmetic Clinician.


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