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Acne (Pimple) Part-4: How your Stress, Soap and Sweat are causing your Acne?

Post Series: Acne

This is Part 4 of series on ACNE.

We have already discussed that,

All ACNE are not same.

Different type of ACNE

And most common treatment mistakes.

Click here to read Part – 1.

Presently we are discussing

Different causes of ACNE.

We have already discussed


in Part – 2. (Click here to read )



in Part-3. (Click here to read)

Today we will discuss how

  • SOAP and
  • SWEAT are causing your Acne.


Let us starts with STRESS.

So, how does your stress is responsible for your ACNE?

When you get stressed, it stimulates your stress glands known as ADRENAL GLANDS

In order to cope up with your stress,

Adrenal glands secret a hormone called as CORTISONE.

Along with this hormone cortisone,

Your glands also release some amount of male hormones

Now for a man this small amount will not make any difference.

But for a woman it makes a big difference.

Usually woman have very small amount of this male hormones


Even minor increase of this hormone in woman’s blood

stimulates your oil producing glands in your skin.

(As we have seen in part-1 of this series)

This stress which produces ACNE can be of various types,

  • Emotional stress
  • Or the stress that you get when you are having disturbed sleep
  • Or when you are sleeping for less time duration than what your body actually needs.


Next cause of ACNE is SOAP.

If you are using a soap that is’ harsh’ for your skin,

It will dry your skin.

A dry skin has increased chances of blocking the opening of your hair follicle—

And that leads to ACNE development.

You need to know your ‘skin type ‘and accordingly

You should select your soap, cleanser etc.


Last cause of ACNE is SWEAT.

Your sweat on it’s doesn’t develop ACNE on your face.

However, your excessive sweat gets combined with your makeup cosmetics or dust,

Collectively they clog your pores and develop your ACNE.


Wash your face frequently.

Wear cotton clothes

If you have high incidence of body ACNE,

Don’t wear synthetics cloths like polyester or nylon.

Synthetic clothes accumulate heat and sweat on your skin.

That grows bacteria responsible for your ACNE.

Always wear light weight, loose fitting 100% cotton clothes.

They will help your skin breath fresh air.


With this we are finishing with the different causes of ACNE.


In future tips we will be discussing-

  • Difference between teen acne and adult acne.
  • Good habits for teen acne
  • Nutrition for your skin and
  • Various treatment options for treatment of your acne.

Today’s action plan:

Remember-calm mind=healthy skin.

And if you have not yet received our free DVD,

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That’s all for today see you next Tuesday

With another Tuesday tip

Till then take care…


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  1. Good information with good understanding about acne, very beneficial to each one who possess such problems

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