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Acne (Part-2) :Three Causes of Acne

Post Series: Acne

This is Part -2 of series of ACNE.

In our last tip which was Part-1 of Acne, we have already discussed that

  • All acne are not same.
  • What are different types of acne and most common treatment mistakes

If you have missed the Part-1, click here


Today we will discuss Different causes of acne.

Why you need to understand different causes of ACNE?

Well, you need to understand different causes of ACNE as,

  • There are a few causes that you can easily avoid.

Thus, you can either prevent them from developing, or at least,

prevent them from further growing and worsening

  • You cannot control few of the causes

In that case, you can understand your limitations and

you will be able to take proper step to at least keep them under control.

So, let’s start……

Causes of ACNE are

  • GENES,
  • SOAP, and


The 1st cause GENES-

If one or both of your parents have some sort of skin problem,

You may also have inherited the same genes for your skin problems.

As a result, you also genetically programmed for

higher probability of getting your ACNE!

You cannot do much about it …

The only thing you can do is—

Keep your hygiene up to as high standard as possible.

2nd cause is BACTERIA

We have discussed in our last tip that—

When your ACNE become infected with bacteria,

You develop pustules or severe form of ACNE.

And How do bacteria reach to the site of Acne?

There are many ways like-your own hands, dirt,

even your very own smart phone!


When you get Acne because of smart phone,

It might be called a ‘Tech-Ne’!

The pressure and contact of your smartphone with your face produces sweat and heat.

They along with bacteria on the surface of your smart phone produces

ideal environment for developing Acne if you have got a sensitive skin.

Better to hands-free if you are going to have longer telephonic talk!


3rd cause is HORMONES

Among hormones ANDROGEN is responsible for your ACNE.

Puberty, period & pregnancy

All these 3 phases have 1 thing in common-

they change your hormonal balance.

Your body produces more of hormones called ANDROGEN.

It stimulates your sebaceous glands in your skin

to produce more of the skin oil—sebum.

This excess oil production increases your chances of developing ACNE!

The treatment for ACNE because of HORMONES,

is not straight forward.

Maintaining personal hygiene will

definitely help you to some extent,

But you may also need to

consult your doctor for curing your ACNE.


So, today we have discussed the causes of ACNE that is

  • BACTERIA and

The remaining causes that is

  • SOAP and

We will discuss in our next tip.

After completing different causes of ACNE,

  • We will discuss Difference between teen acne and adult acne.
  • Nutrition for your skin and various treatment options for treatment of your acne.

Today’s action plan:

Find out-Are your ACNE developed or aggravated by any of these 3 causes?


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I will see you next week with another tip till then….

Take Care…


Providing simple solutions

for the complexities of life

Dr Bhumita Makwana

Your Dietitian & Cosmetic Clinician







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