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Acne (Part-5) Difference between Teen Acne & Adult Acne, Good habits for Teen Acne

Post Series: Acne

This is part-5 of series on ACNE.

In previous tip we have already learned that

All ACNE are not same,

Different type of acne

and most common Treatment mistakes.

We have also learned

Different causes of ACNE.


Today we will learn about difference between

Teen ACNE and Adult ACNE.

Teen ACNE are located all over the face including



=Chest and


Adult ACNE are located on

Lower part of your face-

=around your mouth

=jawline and

=your chin

Now let us see the causes of TEEN ACNE

They usually develop because of the oily skin

as during your puberty,

your sebaceous glands start producing sebum

-the natural oil.

This excess production of oil

makes the teen skin vulnerable to ACNE.

Now let us see the causes of ADULT ACNE.

They are cause by increase stress and

imbalanced hormonal levels because of

=menstrual cycle

=pregnancy or


Teen ACNE skin type is

Very oily.

Adult acne, their skin type is

Oily in some parts and

it is very dry in most or the parts and thus, very sensitive.

Appearance of teen ACNE

If you are a TEEN,

you are more prone to get


=Whiteheads or


Appearance of adult ACNE

If you are adult, your ACNE are

Red, tender with skin sensitivity and dehydration.

What is the treatment for TEEN ACNE?

As the skin is thick and oily,

they will respond well to

more aggressive treatment with

higher concentration of active ingredients.

Treatment for ADULT ACNE

As your skin is thin and dry,

the treatment needs a gentle approach with

low concentration ingredients and

Antiaging treatment will also help prevent your ACNE.


=wash your face twice or thrice in a day

=don’t over wash your face

Your acne is not because of dust.

=when you over wash, it may stimulate

Extra oil production-leading to more ACNE.

=Don’t squeeze or pick your ACNE

=learn and maintain good skin care habits

as you are more prone to get ACNE as an ADULT.

=Use moisturizer regularly even if your skin is oily.

=Use oil free moisturizer-it keeps your

sebum production balanced.

= Use non-comedogenic cosmetic products

(non-comedogenic cosmetic products means non-pore clogging products.)

Today we have finished with

Difference between Teen ACNE and Adult ACNE &

Good habits for TEEN ACNE.


In future tip, we will discuss

Nutrition for your skin and

As we have learned today,

the skin at the teen age and

the skin at the adult age is different.

So, we will discuss about various treatment

Option for treatment of your ACNE ….

Today’s action step:

Make sure your teen follows

Good ACNE habits mentioned in today’s tip.


Providing simple solutions

for the complexities of life

Dr Bhumita Makwana

Your Dietitian & Cosmetic Clinician


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