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Your No.1 Nutrient. Are You Getting Enough?

Your No.1 Nutrient. Are you getting enough?

You can live without food for approximately one month.

You can live without water for approximately one week.

But, try to stop your breath for just 30 seconds, and

you can experience it yourself how difficult it is….

Do you know this?-

Your brain can survive only for 4 minutes without oxygen!!!

After that time period, your brain gets permanent damage.

Your body needs oxygen more than any other nutrient.

Oxygen is your NUMBER 1 NUTRIENT.

Even if you take best of the best nutrients in your food,

or may be if you take a superfood supplement, still,

if your body is not getting enough oxygen, you are

at serious risk of developing some major health problems

like heart attack.

How serious is this matter?

Let us understand it with the latest example of Covid-19.

As on 19th October 2020, total deaths world wide

from Covid-19 was 11,18, 396. In contrast, every year

1,53,00,000 people lose their life world wide due to

heart attack. If you use simple maths,

number of deaths due to heart attack is more than

10 times higher than total deaths due to corona virus so far.

&, if your body is not getting proper oxygen especially

during night, you are having 3.5 times higher possibility

to get heart attack.

Thus, chronic oxygen deficiency is even more wide spread

(pandemic) than Covid-19.

After getting this information, you must be getting this thought:

How to know whether you are getting proper oxygen or not?

Well, you yourself can self-check for some simple signs.

Next week in next Tuesday Tip we will talk about

Few simple signs that you can check for your self to know

Whether you are risk of getting less oxygen or not.

Till then….

Take care….

Providing simple solutions for the complexities of life:

Dr. Rakesh Makwana

Your Holistic Dentist



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