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Snoring= Increased Risk Of Corona Complication????

Snoring= Increased risk of Corona complication????

The good news about corona is,

in India its recovery rate is more than 95%.

In more than 80% of the cases, the infected person is

completely asymptomatic. That means, you don’t have

any symptoms like fever, cough, cold or breathlessness.

You just get a test done for corona and report says that

You are corona positive.

Then why is everyone so much worried about Corona?

We are worried for that small percentage of patients

who not only develops mild symptoms due to corona

infection, but they also develop serious complications which

needs their hospitalization in ICU for several days. A great

suffering for the infected patient and stress & financial

losses to the family. THAT is what is a CONCERN.

When a person who already is suffering from

co-morbidities and gets infected with corona,

they have more chances of suffering from these

serious complications.

What are the co-morbidities?

  • Hypertension (high BP)
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke

What increases the risk of these co-morbidities?


If you are suffering from snoring, you have

  • 250% higher risk of fatal heart attach
  • 68% greater chance of having stroke
  • 40% greater chance of developing high blood pressure &
  • 38% greater chance of developing diabetes

Thus, if you are snoring, you have increased risk of developing

co-morbidities which in turn, increases the risk of

developing complications in case of corona infection.

What should you do for your snoring?

Snoring is not just an annoying sound that irritates your partner at night.

The problems are far beyond that sound.

Don’t ignore it.

Get you evaluation done.

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