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Vitamins & Minerals That Help In Your Hair Problems…..

Vitamins & Minerals that help in your Hair Problems…..

Most hair problem like hair loss, thinning of hair,

brittleness or graying are either sign of genetic predisposition,

aging process, hormonal problem or simply due to poor diet.

In last tip we had already discussed about

the 7- basics haircare tips.

Today we will see which vitamins and minerals will

help you to keep your hair healthy and free from damage.


ZINC is beneficial for brittle hair or thinning of hair (which can be a

result of an underactive thyroid). It is required in very less amount. However,

it is must to include in your daily diet.

Good vegetarian sources of zinc are:

Sesame seed– you can have raw or roasted

sesame seed- 1 to 2 spoon per day,

sesame seed chatni, chikki or just you can add it to your gravy.

Cashew nuts– you can have raw cashews, cashew milk or

you can also add them to your rice or pulao.

Bengal gram whole (desi) – It is best to soak them

overnight and have them raw early morning. You can

make chat out of chana or can

make stuffing of paratha out of it.


Biotin & vitamin-B complex helps you to

strengthen your hair and also to

prevent hair loss. It is a water-soluble vitamin which is

easily lost from your body. So, you need to take it daily.

Good vegetarian source of biotin are:

Almond you can have soaked almond daily in

morning or you can add almond to your soups and gravy.

Peanutyou can make peanut chatni, chikki or you can add to your khichadi.

Sweet potato you can boil or steam it and have it simply with spices.


SELENIUM – it is likely to encourage healthy hair growth and

also prevent hair loss. It protects your cells against

environmental & dietary toxins. However, taking

too much selenium is also not advisable as it can have

inverse effect. Be sure to take only recommended amount.

To know your recommended daily dose, you need to consult your dietitian.

Good vegetarian sources of selenium are:

Sunflower seeds you can have 1-2spoon of raw sunflower seed in between your meal.

Cashew nuts you can have cashew milk or you can add to your pulao.


These all are preventive measures to

make your hair healthy. If your hair problem remains

for long time, then you must consult your doctor. It is

always better to get your nutrients from

natural sources rather than getting it from

laboratory made pills or powders…

That’s all for today,

see you next Tuesday with another Tuesday Tip.

Till then…..

Take care….

Providing simple solutions for the complexities of life.

Dr. Bhumita Makwana

Your dietitian & cosmetic clinician.

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