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The Most Common Question Asked To Me During Winter & My Answer….

The most common question asked to me during Winter & My Answer….

When winter starts,

this becomes the most common question being asked to me by my patients-

“Madam, can we eat these winter special food – like:

  • Raab
  • Peth
  • Methipak
  • Adadiya
  • Chyawanprash
  • Kachariyu
  • Gundarpak etc.?”

&, I give this answer to my patients…..

These traditional foods are really good for winter.

They help your body to keep itself warm and protect you against cold.

However, before you take these foods,

Keep these 3 factors in your mind-

1)Are you staying in really cold place?

Like Kashmir, Shimla etc hill stations?

In these locations where they get snow fall, the temperature

really goes very down and the atmosphere becomes chilled.

You can not live without a heater.

Hence, your body also burn more calories to keep itself warm.

That is- your body metabolism increase during winter.

For increased metabolism your body needs more fuel.

Your body needs food with high calories and energy.

In that case, your body needs these winter special foods.


But, like me, if you are in western part of India, it doesn’t get that cold here.

For most of the days, it NEVER goes below 10°C in winter over here.

Result?your body is not actually exposed to cold temperature in winter.

&, your body can not burn those extra calories if you take these foods.


2)It is true that our ancestors were taking these foods, but

they were staying in villages.

They were working in farms, and living in weak houses.

Chances are, that you are living in city now.

As compared to your ancestor’s houses,

your houses are comparatively airtight.

You are roaming around in your cars and working in closed offices.

Result?your body is not actually exposed to cold temperature in winter.

3)Our ancestors were taking these foods, but

their lifestyle was much different than ours.

They were doing most of their daily work themselves, manually.

The work was really hard consuming most of their energy.

My mother & her mother used to do all their household work herself.

Today, I have a cook, a maid and a washing machine.

I spend much less energy than my ancestors.

Result? – our body doesn’t require all the calories that our ancestors used to take.

They could digest, we won’t.


My advice:

If you consume these winter special foods in winter,

but don’t burn those calories, they get stored in your body

in the form of extra fat.

This increases your waist size and your weight.

So, these foods are not for you if-

  • You are living a sedentary life
  • You are living in warm area
  • You are suffering from lifestyle diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart disease etc
  • You are already overweight
  • You are suffering from digestive problems


You can surely give these foods to your children if they are physically active.

(remember, child obesity is a major concern nowadays!)

Take these foods if you are not on dieting and you are living an active lifestyle.

Don’t worry, by not taking these foods, you don’t compromise your immunity.

You can certainly take following foods and boost your immunity this winter without any risk…..


  • Fresh vegies & fruits
  • Carrot beet spinach juices
  • Freshly made vegetable soup
  • Aamla
  • Dried coconut
  • Dry fruits & Dates

That’s all for today.

I will see you next week again,

with another Tuesday Tip.

Till … Take care…..

& do leave your comment at the end of this blog.

Providing simple solutions

for the complexities of life…..

Dr Bhumita Makwana

Your Dietitian & Cosmetic Clinician

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  1. Very truly said, people only think , these are good foods but they don’t think that they won’t be able to burn the extra calories ….

    1. That is the purpose of these ‘Tuesday Tips’;
      to bring ‘Awareness’ regarding the food that we eat 🙂

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