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Swadeshi V/s Videshi Fruits A FACT-SHEET: Kiwi V/s Guava

Swadeshi v/s Videshi fruits a FACT-SHEET: Kiwi v/s Guava

Nowadays we see many foreign fruits

are available in our local market .

And we get tempted to buy them

in order to get more nutrition.

But do you ever actually know how much nutritious they are-

as compared to our desi easily available fruits?

Let us understand it in today’s tip.

Today we will compare KIWI FRUIT VERSES GUAVA

KIWI is an imported [vedeshi] fruit.

It is claimed to have high content of VITAMIN -C and POTASSIUM.

We do have a better choice in our local [swadeshi] fruit.

Let’s compare it with our desi fruit GUAVA


1)Vitamin C content:

VITAMIN -C content in 100gm of kiwi is 105mg

While VITAMIN-C content in 100gm of guava is 228mg

More than double the content of kiwi fruit.

2)Potassium content:

Now let us see POTASSIUM content in both the fruits

Potassium content in 100gm of kiwi is 252mg

And potassium content in 100gm of guava is 417mg

Almost double than kiwi.

Can you see how much benefit our desi fruit gives you?

  • KIWI gets imported to India as it is not cultivated here in India.

So, during transportation, they are stored in refrigerator

as they have to cover long distance .

And during this many nutrients are lost as you never get them fresh.

  • On the other hand, India is the biggest producer of GUAVA.

You get it fresh here.

And you are benefited with optimum nutrients of GUAVA.

As transportation time is less.

Do you know the cost of KIWI?

  • It cost approximately -350/- per kg in my place.


  • Guava cost only 50—80/- Rs per kg.

Thus, it is affordable to the whole community.

Means more nutrient in less price .

  • Other than this, there are many other health benefit of guava.

Like- it contains more fiber and

other nutrients like VITAMIN -A, LUTEIN, CRYPTOXANTHIN –

these are compounds known to have antioxidant properties,

and therefore, essential for optimum health.

While KIWI tastes great,

GUAVA is more nutritious.

And its helps our local farmers to earn…..


That’s all for today,

see you next Tuesday with another Tuesday Tip

till then, take care….

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