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The Most Common MYTH About Arthritis

The most common MYTH about Arthritis

This is one of the most common myth about Arthritis-

MYTH: You should not take lemon if you are having arthritis

To understand why it is a myth,

first of all, let us see why you develop arthritis….  

Due to various reasons, free radicals get accumulated in your body.

These free radicals damage the healthy tissues of your joints and

because of that process, you get arthritis.


When you take medicines for your arthritis,

these medicines help you by reducing your joint pain.

However, medicines don’t remove the cause of your arthritis – free radicals.

Thus, while your medicines relieve your pain, they don’t help you to heal.

To heal the damage and to prevent further damage occurring due to the

free radicals, you need some substance that can remove the free radicals from your damaged joints.


The substance that removes your free radicals are known as antioxidants.

Antioxidants removes these free radicals from your body (including your joints space)

Once these free radicals get removed, your natural

healing power can heal your damaged tissues


Thus, if you take antioxidant, it will help you naturally heal your arthritis.

Lemon is one of the good source of most powerful antioxidant.


TRUTH:  Take at least 1 lemon everyday in any form and help your joints heal naturally!

Take natural antioxidant regularly.

If you are already taking medicine for arthritis then including

lemon everyday will definitely help you reduce your medicine doses.

But don’t reduce your medicine doses on your own

Consult your doctor.

& most importantly, don’t self-medicate as there may be many side effects of the medicines!

That’s all for today,

see you next Tuesday with another Tuesday tip……….

Till then …..Take care……..

Providing simple solutions  for the complexities of life….

Dr. Bhumita Makwana

Your Dietician & Cosmetic Clinicians

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