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The (Hidden) Truth of Your Wafer!

This Blog is for you, if you yourself

Or someone of your near one is regularly eating wafers!

Don’t just believe my words…

Just click on the video in the beginning of this post

& see it yourself.

You can even try this at your own home.


As you have seen in the video,

Just a small banana wafer releases

16 drops of oil ….

Imagine how much you will consume from the whole packet?


We have a tendency to condemn our child’s want to

Eat packaged food like kurkure and other fast foods.


At the same time, we just think that having wafer is

More healthy and it doesn’t harm us.

Unfortunately, that’s not true.


So, from now onwards,

Let your Fast be your ‘Falahar Day’.

That is, ear fruits on the day of your fast-

So that your stomach don’t feel heavy from these oily foods.

You stomach should feel light and healthy.


Do share this blog with your near & dear ones

By clicking on the share button at the end of this post.

Let them also get benefited ….


Providing simple solutions

For the complexities of life-

Dr Bhumita Makwana

Your Dietician & Cosmetic Clinician

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