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Why after taking low-fat and no fat food, still your weight is increasing?

Have you ever wondered why after taking low-fat and no fat food,

still your weight is increasing?


The reason is your carbohydrate consumption.

If your food is having high amount of refined carbohydrate,

it create high blood sugar level.

This high blood sugar level,   then   in turn

gives signal to your body to release insulin in your blood.

The function of insulin is to bring back

blood sugar level within  its normal level .

Insulin converts sugar so that

it can be stored in your liver and muscles.


However, only a limited amount of sugar

can be stored into your liver and muscles.

All the excess sugar in your blood then

gets converted to fat and it gets stored in your body.

Thus, even if you are taking low fat or no fat food;

still the sugar in your food gets converted into fats and

your weight keeps on increasing.


Taking low carbohydrates and no carbohydrates

is also not a good option.

As your body gets energy for

regular function from carbohydrate only.


There are many so called theories

for weight reduction and they are:

  • No fat diet
  • High fat diet
  • No carb diet
  • High carb diet
  • No protein diet
  • High protein diet
  • And many of you also try only fruits and vegetable diet
  • And to the extent many of you also try only raw diet that is uncooked food

But none of this theories works and

none of this theories is practical.


After listening to this you must be thinking.

Then …

What works?

You know you need to reduce your weight …and

If you want to reduce your weight

What should you do?


There is only one thing that really works and

that is you needs to take balanced food.

What are you waiting for?

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-Dr Bhumita Makwana

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