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Pregnancy & Aloe Vera Juice

Pregnancy & Aloe Vera juice

As you are pregnant, various

changes occur in your body, due to

hormonal changes and at that time, you

want to stay away from harmful chemicals.

As a result, you think of some natural herbs.

You might have heard about the great

health benefits of Aloe Vera.

However, if you are pregnant, and

if you take Aloe Vera juice in improper dosage,

it can lead to some serious complications like—

  • Lower your blood sugar level

When your blood sugar level gets low,

you feel uncomfortable, tired and giddiness.

Due to which you can fall down while at work.

  • It can act as a laxative

An overdose can cause diarrhoea.

And when diarrhoea occurs, there is severe water loss from your body.

You get dehydrated and this can lead to your

  • Electrolyte imbalance
  • It also increases the risk of your uterine contraction

Uterine contraction can lead to early miscarriage.

So, if you are pregnant, you

should not take Aloe Vera juice.

Don’t self-medicate yourself even with herbs!

Consult your qualified dietitian, naturopath or ayurvedic doctor before taking any herb.

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Take care.

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Dr Bhumita Makwana

Your Dietitian & Cosmetic Clinician

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