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Mucormycosis- Diabetes-  What Can You Do About It?

Mucormycosis- Diabetes- What can you do about it?

Whole world is facing this pandemic & all are working hard to

overcome it. India has successfully faced first wave of corona but,

we are yet to recover from this second- more devastating wave

of corona virus. And now, Mucormycosis– a type of fungal infection

is in the news headlines now a days.

Mucormycosis is an infection caused due to fungus called

Mucormycetes. This is a very common fungus, but rarely creates

infection in human beings. Let us understand that even though

rare, why is it affecting in covid and post covid patients?

There are 2 factors which are playing very crucial role in

Mucor-mycosis infection in most of the patients:

Steroid used in the treatment of covid-19

  • This is not in your hand as that is a crucial

decision for your life that has to be taken by

your treating doctor.

  • Whatever has happened has happened. You

should not take stress about it as it would

aggravate the second factor.

Uncontrolled diabetes:

  • Uncontrolled diabetes is the factor that you can not

afford to neglect. Diabetes is a chronic disease but you

can control it very well.

Lets see-

What can you do to keep your diabetes under control?

# know your numbers:

  • Keep a regular check of your sugar level

under the treatment of your physician. This will

help you to control your diabetes and to prevent

further complications. Monitoring your blood sugar level

also help you to check whether your treatment is

working or not. Even it will help you to see which factors

are responsible for changes in your blood sugar level.


# keep calm

  • Staying away from stress is very important as stress is a

major risk factors for your diseases. And remaining stress free

will help you to recover fast. To remain stress free, you need to

practice pranayama & meditation regularly.

do whatever exercise you can, as per your situation.


# choose your food wisely

  • Your food plays very important part in controlling

your diabetes.

  • What food you should eat? at what time you should eat?

What quantity of food and how frequently you eat? – All these factors are

very important to control your diabetes.

  • And, it is even more crucial for you as your diabetes can

shoot up very fast during your post- covid recovery.

For a speedy recovery, your body needs nutritious, balanced food. Consult

a qualified dietitian and she will help you become healthy once again

with nutritious, mouth-watering healthy recipes!

That all for today

See you next Tuesday

With another Tuesday tip

Till then take care

Providing simple solutions for the complexities of life

Dr Bhumita Makwana

Your Dietitian and Homoeopathic Physician







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