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Say No To Coke For Thirst

Say no to coke for thirst


Summer has started and one of the common

sign of summer is increased thirst.

And when you are thirsty the first thing that comes in your mind is

aerated drinks. Why?

  • As this is the time of the year, when

maximum big brand cola companies brain washes your mind

that drinking their company’s cola drink is the best way to

quench your thirst.

  • They hire big Bollywood stars for their ad (of which you are big fan) and

spend crores of rupees for their marketing campaigns.


Why cola drinks are not good for your thirst?

  • The phosphoric acid present in your cola drink

binds with your very important minerals like calcium,

magnesium and zinc.

  • Your cola contains many artificial chemicals including caffeine.
  • These chemicals are diuretics. Which means, they make you

pass more urine.

  • Thus, you end up passing more urine. You become more

dehydrated and thirstier than what you were before

drinking that cola drink.

  • Not only that, but you also lose all those important minerals

that were bonded with the phosphoric acid in the first place.


Don’t worry, there are many other options which will not only

help you to quench your thirst, but they will also provide you many healthy

nutrients. These nutrients are your essential vitamins and minerals. These

nutrients keep you hydrated throughout summer.

Healthy alternatives to cola drinks for your thirst in the summer are:

  • Coconut water

Easily available in our country. Even if you forgot to carry your

water bottle when you are out, you can have coconut

water instead of aerated drink. Coconut water has many minerals

which are very good for your health.


  • Aam panna

Summer is season of raw mango. You can prepare aam panna and

can have in this summer which is very refreshing and provide

you instant energy when you are back home after working in

extreme temperature.


  • Sugarcane juice

India is largest producer of sugarcane.

You know that in summer there are many small stalls of

sugar cane juice at road side. This sugarcane juice will provide

you instant energy and will hydrate you very well.


These all drinks are without any preservative, no coloring agent, no artificial chemicals &

no flavor enhancer.Thus they are healthy & safe drink for all age group.

It is in your hand to develop good, healthy habits in your children. You are role model

for your children. Don’t worry it is never too late to start again.


Don’t just get vocal for local.

Drink local. Be healthy and also make our economy

Healthy. Give business to local people than the

multinational companies!

That’s all for today,

See you next Tuesday

With another Tuesday tip

Till then,

Take care

Providing simple solutions for the complexities of life

Dr Bhumita Makwana

Your Dietitian & Homoeopathic physician.




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