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Free Pain Killer- Better Than Morphine (& Alcohol)!

Free Pain killer- better than Morphine (& Alcohol)!


The experience of pain varies from

person to person. Pain can be nerve pain, bone pain,

muscular pain, ligament pain or pain in any organ. And,

when this pain continues for more than

few weeks, it becomes chronic pain. When

you are suffering from this chronic [long term] pain for

more than a few months, then, there are

chances that you may get into depression. Chronic

pain is not only physical but it influences your

emotional level as well. In chronic pain you may

isolate yourself that is you prevent yourself

from going out. Or, you get less sleep and

all these emotional symptoms cause depression.


When you are depressed, the grey matter

in your brain gets reduced.

Your Brain

Grey matter is brain tissue with numerous

cell bodies. Your reduced grey matter leads to

memory problem, emotional and poorer pain control.

Most Commonly Mis(Used) Methods To Get Rid Of Such Chronic Pain Are:


Pain killer have both short term and

long-term side effects. Short term side effects are

acidity, nausea, vomiting etc. And, long-term

use of painkillers damages your liver and kidney. It is OK to

take these painkillers for short term for your

acute condition, but you should avoid to

take it for long term if possible.


Some people resort to drugs either because of

the chronic pain, or because of depression. They are

addictive and ruins your personal and

professional life. It also damages your

other body organs when used for long time.


It is also addictive, damaging to your

liver and ruining your personal & professional life.

Don’t worry…. There is a better solution…..

Yoga is natural & effective without any side effect!

When you regularly practice YOGA-

  • It increases the grey matter of your brain.
  • It naturally increases your brain’s pain tolerance (pain modulation).
  • It is effective to treat certain type of depression.

This suggest that there is a causative link between

yoga and grey matter of your brain.

If you are short of time,

Suryanamaskar is your answer.

It is best combination of body stretching,

breathing exercises and meditation along with

powerful effects of mantras within very less time!

Learn Suryanamaskar from this Free DVD.

Click here now & get it instantly!

Free DVD includes suryanamaska with suggested breathing patterns.

Get it.

Reduce your chronic pain & depression without any side effect!

That’s all for today.

See you next week.

Till then…. Take care…

Providing simple solutions for the complexities of life-

Dr. Bhumita Makwana

Your Dietitian & Cosmetic Clinician

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  1. Quite true that yoga teaches you to be in balance in whatever situation you stand. At the same time it a slow but a deep forever guaranteed practice to make you healthy wealthy and wise

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