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The Best Medicine: It’s FREE & No Side Effects!

The Best Medicine: it’s FREE & No Side Effects!

You might be aware of the fact that 75% to 98% of

 all your diseases as having some psychological aspect into it.

It means that there may be some physical cause as well,

But there may also be some of your psychological issue behind it.

And that psychological issue is present in majority of your diseases.


But don’t get depressed. Keep reading this blog.

In reality, the same piece of fact can be used to get some relief.


This means that somehow if you can keep yourself in ‘Good Mood’,

you will automatically lead a much more ‘Healthier Life’!



Don’t start giving me those excuses now.

I agree-

We have very little control over what happens

to us throughout the day.

But hey, there is a way that can convert each day in a blessed day!

&, surprisingly, you actually don’t need to do anything for that.


Nowadays there is some (strange?) sleep ritual

happening globally.

Every night before going for sleep almost every one of us

Checks our social media be it whatsapp, facebook, snap chat,

instagram or whatever social media you may be following.


Now, this is the trick-

You just need to add one more thing between

your smart phone and your sleep.

After putting down your smart phone from your hand,

just close your eyes and perform gratitude ritual.

Gratitude Ritual:

Try to remember 5 people who have helped you through out that day.

They may be anyone-

  • Your family member
  • Your maid
  • Your friend
  • Your colleague
  • A singer
  • Your cab driver.

Practically anyone who have helped you in some way…..

either by helping you to solve the problem at hand,

or just by helping you to feel good,

they have elevated your mood.

Sometimes it is possible that you any even don’t know their name.

& that’s ok.


And, it is also not necessary to be grateful to human beings only.

You may be grateful to something that has made your mood like-

  • A flower,
  • A plant,
  • A song or poem,
  • A movie
  • An advertisement,
  • Some message that you have received through social media.

Anything under the sun that has helped you feel good.


Just recap your day.
instead of stressing yourself with the unwanted persons

or unwelcomed circumstances,

remember 5 good feeling you had.

Rewind that feeling in your mind and, in your mind only

express your gratitude to them.

Tell them “THANK YOU’.


That’s all.

Will this eliminate all your health problems,

all your financial problems, or

all your personal/ social problems?

Absolutely not.

Your problems are going to remain as it is.

But, this Gratitude will give you a weapon to

tackle those problems. You will naturally develop

a habit of being in ‘Good Mood’.

&, we have seen in the beginning of this blog that

‘Good Mood’ is the best way to tackle all

the psychological aspects of your diseases.

This medicine of being in good mood is absolutely free

and it is also totally free of any side effects.

With this blog, we are now competing our 100th tip 😊

I just can’t believe this!

We started with small tips,

then started preparing our video tips,

then finally switched over to tips in PDF formats

which received overwhelming response.

It would not be possible to reach to this milestone

without your support throughout the journey.

Yes, it is you- the reader of our Weekly Health Tips.

Your kind words of encouragement have always

motivated us to keep working hard.

We would like to take this opportunity to

show our gratitude to you.

“THANK YOU for being with us on this

Journey towards better health.”

&….. there is a SURPRISE THANK YOU GIFT for our diet patients!

If you are planning to get enrolled for weight loss,

do it now!

If you start your weight loss programme before 15th March , 2018,

you will get 1 full month of diet plan absolutely free with 3 month’s enrollment.

There is something more….

it is not only for new enrollments for diet plan.

If you are my existing patient and your diet treatment is

currently going on, you are also entitled for this free gift!


Remember: start saying thank you to 5 persons or thing

before sleeping. Every day from today onwards.

It is free and no side effects!

That’s all for today.

I will see you next Tuesday with another Tuesday Tip.

Till then, keep thanking!

& if you are still thinking to start our weight loss programme,

this is the right time- do it before 15th March, 2018.


Providing simple solutions for the complexities of life

Dr. Bhumita Makwana

Your Dietitian & Cosmetic Clinician




This Post Has 2 Comments
  1. I will definitely try this. I think it changes yr focus from what is or went wrong in yr life or what bad has happened to oneself. Instead one would be reminded of what good happened to oneself and can count blessings. It is simply transform yrself from pessimist to optimist

    1. Thanks, Diva 🙂
      You got it Bang on the point!
      Next step after ‘understanding’ is ‘execution’.
      Start practicing ‘Gratitude’ from today onwards and do let me know what happens after 1 month…
      Wish you all the best!

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