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Is Your Child Suffering From  Lack Of Concentration?

Is your child suffering from Lack of Concentration?

In my practice I have come across many parents who complains about

their Child as follow:

  • My child is not concentrating on study
  • My child is not completing his/her home assignments
  • My child is not interested in any work
  • My child is not attending school or class and so on ……


What you usually do?

  • You force your child to concentrate more and

when you don’t get desired result, you get frustrated,

shout, scream and sometime even you punish!

  • & you know from your experience that these

shouting, screaming and punishment doesn’t give

any results. Instead of that, it may increase your



What should you do instead?

Try to understand the underlying cause of the

problem and solve it! without knowing the cause you

cannot solve any problem. So, let us understand few causes

and their solutions for lack of concentration of your child-

# cause-1

Lack of attention:

Due to work load you are unable to pay full attention at

your child. But when child get little attention from the

parents, then they try to seek attention by

any negative action like not completing

school home work.



Fix your time table and spend some quality time with

your child. Give enough attention which they very well deserve.

# cause-2

Lack of sleep

when your child doesn’t get 8-9 hours

of sound sleep, their mind can not

calm down. How can anyone concentrate with

an exhausted, irritated mind?



Maintain a good sleeping pattern for your child. This

means, fix the time to go to sleep and to get up. Especially,

don’t allow your child to stay awake for late in the night.

Early to bed- early to rise is the best policy.



Wrong diet:

Food high in caffeine like coffee and aerated drinks

hyper excites your child’s brain which makes it difficult

to concentrate. Also, now a days there is rise in intake of

packets food. This packets food contains lots of preservative &

flavor enhancer, which affects your child’s brain. Due to this

your child becomes hyper irritable & cannot concentrate.



Avoid these high caffeinated & packets foods. Instead, give your

child good food that helps your child to improve

the concentration.


In the next Tuesday tip, we will discuss which food

are good for your child to improve the concentration.

Till then

Take care.


Providing simple solutions for the complexities of life

Dr Bhumita Makwana

Your dietitian & Homoeopathic physician.

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