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ANTIOXIDANTS- Part-1: Why Do You Need To Take Antioxidants?

ANTIOXIDANTS- Part-1: Why do you need to take Antioxidants?

You need to take Antioxidant because, they

-slow down your aging

-improve your immunity against getting a disease

-help your body curing your disease


How does the ‘ANTIOXIDANT’ work?

With every breath you take you generate free radicals,

the uncontrolled oxidants that damage your cells.

As free radicals accumulate, health deteriorates and

your aging gets accelerated. It makes

you more susceptible to ever thing from

wrinkle to serious degenerative diseases.

The factors that increase the ‘Free Radicals’ in your body are:

-Natural aging process

The older you get, the less natural antioxidants your body produces,

Hence more free radicals get accumulated in your body.


Many of the components of tobacco smoke are

oxidants-agents that promote chemical reactions with oxygen.

Therefore, they also increase the by-products of such reactions

which are known as free radicals.

-Air pollution

Due to increase in number of vehicles,

industrialisation and lack of pollution control,

there are many toxic gases present in your environment.

When you inhale these chemicals, they produce

numbers of free radicals in your body.

-Passive smoking

Even if you are not smoking, and

if any of your family member is smoking in house,

then other members of your family are exposed to cigarette smoke.

This can accumulate free radicals in your body.

-Bad food habits

If you are eating more junk food and having sodas frequently,

then you are at high risk of developing free radicals in your body.


Reduction in your immunity makes you more vulnerable to catch infection.

This makes your body week and there is

increase in free radicals in your body and

this in turn, will make you more sick.

-Excessively vigorous exercise

The benefits of exercise are widely known and

understood. But unfortunately,

the negative effects of vigorous exercise are unknown.

When you exercise more than your body capacity then,

this cause elevated aerobics metabolism in your body.

Which in turn increase the production of killer molecules

known as free radicals.


Menopause is the gradual process that occurs in female

between 40—55yrs of age group.

There is age related decrease in production of female hormone.

Leading to increase in oxidative stress in your body.

This reduces antioxidant property of that hormone,

leading to increase in free radicals in your body.

-Mental stress

During stress free oxygen radicals increase

due to high respiratory oxygen intake.

-Sun exposure

Long time sun exposure leads to oxidative stress in your body

This accumulates free radicals in your body.

So, the answer is- ‘Yes’, you need to take Antioxidants.

In next tip we will discuss about

the Foods from which you get your Antioxidants….


Providing simple solutions for the complexities of life-

Dr. Bhumita Makwana

Your Dietitian & Cosmetic Clinician


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