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Cigarette Smoking, Lung Cancer & Role Of Antioxidants (Part-3)

Cigarette Smoking, Lung Cancer & role of Antioxidants (Part-3)

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Lung cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed worldwide.

Lung cancer accounts for more deaths than any other type of cancer.

Smoking-related illness is estimated to cause approximately

50 lakhs deaths per year around the globe, but

it is considered a leading preventable cause of death.

Initially, smoking prevalence was higher in males than in females,

but in last few years, the gender Gap has narrowed.

Passive smoking, is also classified as a known human

Carcinogen and is considered the cause of

approximately 50,000 deaths annually.

Passive smoking means when you are expose to smoke of cigarette

when somebody else in your house or surrounding you is smoking.

This means that your body suffers even though you are not smoking.

So, advice and help your dear and near ones to quit smoking.


One of the types of Antioxidant- known as Lycopene

protects you from harmful effects of carcinogen in tobacco smoke.

Good natural sources of Lycopene are:


Why cooked tomato?

  • lycopene is a fat-soluble pigment.
  • It is not well absorbed by the body unless it is

heated and combined with a small amount of fats.

  • So cooked tomatoes provide you more of lycopene.

You can prepare cooked tomato chatni, tomato dip, tomato gravy vegetables, etc.

There is a miss concept that ‘smokeless cigarettes’

are safer. In reality they are not.

They cause mouth cancer and pancreatic cancer.

Stop taking nicotine in all the forms….

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Take care.

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Dr Bhumita Makwana

Your Dietitian & Cosmetic Clinician

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