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Bleeding Nose: Your Food Is Your Medicine

Bleeding nose: Your Food is Your Medicine

Bleeding nose is very common in school going children.

Nose contains many blood vessels, which

are located close to the surface in

the front & back of the nose. They are

very fragile & bleed easily. It can be

either spontaneous, or induced by

either nose pricking or trauma.

Precipitating factors for nose bleeding can be many like:

  • Hot weather
  • Dry weather
  • Allergy
  • Bacterial infection
  • Dust & chemicals
  • viral rhinitis.

Why the blood doesn’t clot like it should?

It can be because of deficiency of very important

micronutrient-VITAMIN K. Vitamin k is required to

activate enzymes that catalyses glutamic acid into

gamma-carboxyglutamic acid, which is necessary for

coagulation to occur. Coagulation is the process of

stopping flow of blood by clot formation, which

is critical to heal damaged blood vessels.

Vitamin -k deficiency leads to uncontrollable

bleeding once a blood vessel is ruptured.

Good natural vegetarian sources of vitamin -K are:

Fenugreek leaves (methi):

You can make subji, paratha (thepla),

raw salad (with tomato lemon), pakoras, chillas, muthiya etc.


You can prepare spinach vegetable, salad, paratha, sandwich, etc.


You can prepare roti (rotlo) out of jowar flour.

Also, you can prepare whole jowar upma/khichado.

Having enough vitamin-k will help

your blood to clot properly. But if

your nose is bleeding frequently,

see your doctor immediately to treat the cause.

That’s all for today.

See you next Tuesday with another Tuesday tip.

Till then…… Take care….

Providing simple solutions for the complexities of life….

Dr. Bhumita Makwana

Your Dietitian & Cosmetic Clinician


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