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Growing Pain: (Part-2) Food & Exercise That Can Help…..

Growing Pain: (Part-2) Food & exercise that can help…..

We had already discussed about growing pain in our last blog. Click here to re-visit the previous blog.

Today we will discuss which nutrients and exercises can

help your child in growing pain.

Nutrients that help in Growing Pain:


Calcium is the main nutrient for building your

bone and it also makes your muscles strong. If you

provide adequate calcium to your child then it will definitely

give some relief from growing pain.

The natural vegetarian sources of calcium are:

  • RAGI

You can use ragi flour to make roti or paratha also you can make sheera out of it.


You can make steamed muthiya out of these leaves.


You can add cumin seed to your chatnis, tadkas, parathas etc.


You can eat directly a piece of coconut dry, also can make

Ladoo out of it.


Magnesium is the key nutrient in the growth and development of bones

Natural good sources of magnesium are


You can add ginger to your lemon juice, stuffing of your parathas,

Kichadi etc.


You can directly chew betal leaves adding mouthfreshner to it.


You can roast garden cress seed and can add to your salads.

It can be soaked in water and can be add to milk and juices.

3)Vitamin-B 6

VITAMIN B6 helps transport magnesium into cells and

Growing pains have been linked to vitamin B6 deficiency in children.

Natural sources rich in Vitamin B6 are:

  • Cashew nuts
  • Sprouted moong raw
  • peanuts

4)OMEGA -3

Omega 3 is good fat which helps for

proper utilization of calcium and

Vitamin D which are essential for healthy bone.

Good natural sources of omega 3 are:

  • Walnut
  • Flax seeds

Raw flax seed are more beneficial then roasted but

if you find it difficult to chew raw flax seed, then

you can make powder of it and have it with water.

  • Chia seed

You can soak chia seed 1-2 hrs in water and then

you can add it to milk or juices or simply you can

add it to your salads.

Exercise that can help in Growing pain-

Along with food changes, it is also necessary to do

some exercises which will help your child to

increase flexibility as well as to relax their muscles.

Stretching exercise are best for growing pain.

The best among all of them is suryanamaskar.

Click here to get your copy of this free DVD

which includes some basics warmup exercises and

Suryanamaskar (including breathing pattern for each step)

It is not only for children. You should also

follow this DVD. It is having very simple but

effective to lose weight and stay healthy.

See you next week.

Till then.

Stay fit…

Providing simple solutions for the complexities of life

Dr. Bhumita Makwana

Your Dietitian & Cosmetic Clinician




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