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7 Signs To Know If Your Kid Is At High Risk Of Getting Low Oxygen

7 signs to know if your kid is at high risk of getting low oxygen

Our children deserve the best opportunities to grow into

creative, problem-solving, service-oriented adults, and

our world needs that. Please do all you can to

preserve freedom to learn, explore, and serve one another….

-Dr Darick Nordstrom. (Inventor of ALF)


In Part-1 of this series, we discussed about-

why Oxygen is your No. 1 Nutrient.

Last week, in Part-2, we discussed about –

some of the most common symptoms or diseases associated with your oxygen deficiency.

Now that you are already well aware about the importance of Oxygen,

and, as prevention is always better than cure,

today in this third and last part of this series, I will share with you

7 signs to know if your kid is at the high risk of getting low oxygen

So that we can intercept early, and make sure that your kid get enough Oxygen.


A word of caution:

Just because these below mentioned signs are

very commonly seen in the growing kids,

it does not mean that they are normal.

Just because something is common, does not mean that it is normal.


We can broadly divide these signs in two categories

3 of them are general signs, &

4 are the signs that you can self-check in your kid’s mouth.

Lets get started.

7 signs to know if your kid is at the high risk of getting low oxygen

3 General signs:

#1- Is your kid having excessive crankiness? Is

it making your kid’s and your own life difficult?

If your answer is yes, you must see this Hindi video to understand the

relationship in between the oxygen deficiency and crankiness.

#2- Is your kid snoring during sleep?

Snoring is not only about the sound that annoys others.

It is a sign that your kid’s airway is smaller and

that’s why when the air passes through your kid’s

airpipe, it makes sound of snoring.

#3- Is your kid having habit of mouth breathing?

Why does your kid breath through the mouth?

Simply because your kid is not getting enough oxygen

through the preferred and more healthy route- the nose.

If your kid’s mouth remains open during sleep,

while playing, while sitting for study or while watching the media

on the screens, it is a sign that should ring an alarming bell in your mind.


Following are the remaining 4 signs that you yourself can easily

check inside your kid’s mouth. Here they are…


#4- Is your kid having habit of grinding the teeth?

This can happen at any time, but is more commonly seen

happening during the sleep. The grinding habit of your kid may indicate

that your child’s brain is not getting enough oxygen and this habit

of teeth grinding can be an attempt of your child’s brain to

relieve the stress that the brain experiences due to deficient oxygen.

#5- Is your kid having uneven (crooked) teeth?

The reason for crooked teeth is very simple- your kid’s

jaws are small for your kid’s teeth. That’s why the teeth are

crooked. Because the jaws are small, there is

lack of needed space for your kid’s tongue. And, if

the tongue gets less space, it moves backwards and encroaches on

your kid’s airway. Thus, what you can easily see is the crooked teeth, but

you are not able to see the behind the scene bigger problem that is-

a narrow airway and ultimately less oxygen to your kid’s brain.

#6- Is your kid’s upper front teeth covering more than 2mm of lower front teeth?

Just ask your kid to bite on the back teeth all the way up. Check

in this position. If the upper and lower front teeth are

covering each other more than 2 mm, then your kid is

over closing both the jaws. That means there is insufficient

space for your kid’s tongue which leads to airway obstruction and

ultimately oxygen deficiency as described previously.

#7-  Is your kid’s lower teeth placed outside than the upper teeth?

If this is the case, chances are, that your kid’s upper jaw (known as maxilla) is

underdeveloped. This also reduces the size of your kid’s nose cavity. & if

the nose cavity is smaller than obviously your kid will get loss oxygen.

As you can see, it is very easy to check for all these 7 signs. & even if

only 1 of these 7 signs is seen in your kid, it means that your kid is

at high risk of getting low oxygen- the No.1 Nutrient.

However, the good news is, that we now have some of the best

alternative orthodontic treatments available in India itself to

intervene in early stage of your kid’s developing age. We can get

better, quicker results with ALF  or SOMA. If any of these 7 signs

is present in your kid, don’t ignore them. They can have a lasting effect on

your kid’s entire life.

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This can be the best Diwali gift that you can give to your child.

That’s all for today.

See you next Tuesday with another Tuesday Tip.

Till then,,,,,,,,,,, Take care…….

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