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5 Ways To Cut SUGAR From Your Child’s Diet: Help Them To Live A Healthy Life!

5 Ways to cut SUGAR from your child’s diet: Help them to live a healthy life!

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Okay, so, following are

5 ways to cut Sugar from your child’s diet:

#1 Start Early

Try to get into the habit of giving your child

low sugar diet right from

starting top feed for the first time. Because,

it is you who develop habits in your child. After

stopping breast feeding and starting

top food, don’t give your child much of sugary food like

sheera, sweet rice, kheer etc. Instead of that

you can give dal water, crushed dal rice,

smashed boiled potatoes etc. There is

one view which even says that you

should not give sugar or salt to your child

for first 2 years of their life!

#2 Absolute No To Cold Drinks

It is a well known fact that soft drinks

do not have any nutritive value & still

you give it to your child. But do you know that,

even cold drinks manufacturers themselves are

writing in their advertisements that

they are not suitable for children. Who would be

more authentic than the manufacturers themselves? Listen

to them, ( in one of our previous blog, we have

discussed about this issue in detail. Click here to re-visit the blog on

4 shocking facts about Thums Up Charged!) and

there are many healthy alternatives like

Coconut water, butter milk, lemon water etc.

#3 No Chocolate Milk Powder

You obviously want your child to

grow well and fast. So, what do you do?

You start believing in those television commercials &

start giving them chocolate powder which you think are

full of proteins and vitamins. But, believe me,

my child has grown pretty well without those

chocolate milk powders and your

child will also grow well even without those

aggressively advertised milk powders like

Horlicks, complan etc. Natural healthy alternatives are:

  • Chickoo milkshake
  • Dates milk
  • Anjeer (fig) milk.

#4 Don’t Make It A Reward

When you use sweets like chocolates, cakes or pastries as

rewards or bribes for your

child’s achievement, sweets are wrongly

linked in your child’s minds as

something that is desirable. If your child has

really got sweet tooth, you can think of

some healthy alternatives like

home made no-sugar dates, banana sweets or even

no sugar home made cakes. A word of caution-

you need to replace sugar with

naturally sweet substances, don’t use

artificial sugar alternatives like sugarfree. They are

even more harmful than sugar!

#5 Don’t Just Tell, Be Their Role Model

You must have heard this before-

Your children don’t listen to you, they

Copy you. It is equally true for

Sugar addiction as well. If you yourself

don’t follow what you tell them, they

definitely won’t listen to you. But, if

you yourself can control your own

sugar consumption, they probably

will also follow your path.

I know, the last point is

most difficult. Don’t worry, rather

consult a qualified dietitian. We can

give you tips & tricks which

will help yourself & your child to

get rid of Sugar Addiction!

That all for today,

See you next Tuesday

With another Tuesday tip,

Till than….

Take care.

Providing simple solutions for the complexities of life-

Dr. Bhumita Makwana

Your Dietitian & Cosmetic Clinician

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