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5 Factors That Reduce Your Bone Calcium & Make Them Weak….

5 factors that reduce your bone Calcium & make them weak….

Your bone continues to grow and develop their density and

strength until around the age of 30.

After which your bone density slowly begins to

decline. About 45% of bone mass is built up in adolescence, and

by the late teens the bones usually stop growing in length.

A good bone structure helps minimize symptoms of

osteoporosis in later life and

reduces the risk of fractures.

Although weight bearing exercise is important to

maximize bone density (you can get your free DVD on

weight bearing exercises that you can

easily and regularly do at your home, click here.)

diet is a major factor in bone development.

Bone consists of collagen plus

minerals, mostly calcium.

Following are the 5 factors that reduces your bone calcium and make them weak—


If your diet is high in protein content, it

can increase your calcium excretion, especially

if you are taking animal protein.


High protein intake leads to increase in

body acid which leads to calcium excretion.


You may not be aware, but your regular intakes like

coffee, cola drink, tea and chocolate contains caffeine.

If you have drinks like cola, tea coffee occasionally then it is fine but

If you have it on regular basis then,

it seems to cause an increase in calcium excretion.


If you are having excess salt in your food,

it increases calcium excretion in your urine.

The main culprit is your high consumption of processed food and

snacks which have excess salt content.

Examples-all the fast foods like – Bread, Biscuits, Burger ,Pasta, Papad, Puri chat etc.

All these food items contain extra salts, which

harms your bone density.


If your child’s diet is having high phosphates, it limits

their calcium absorption from the food they take.

Carbonated drinks, soft drinks and processed foods can all

contain high levels of phosphates. And their

consumption has increased alarmingly over the last few years.


Alcohol and cigarette smoking can both

reduce your calcium absorption.

Avoid all these 5 factors to prevent the

calcium getting robbed from your body.

That’s all for today

Next week we will know about

4 factors that help your bones.

Till then…..

Take care.

Providing simple solutions for the complexities of life….

Dr. Bhumita  Makwana

Your Dietitian & Cosmetic Clinician.


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