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3 Bad Cookware (to Avoid) & 3 Good Cookware (to Use)

3 bad cookware (to avoid) & 3 good cookware (to use)

3 Cook ware to Avoid:

Avoid #1: NON-STICK

Click here to know why you must avoid using Non-stick.

We had discussed about harmful effects of Non-stick in our last tip.


Aluminium is use most commonly as it is cheapest utensil and

It conducts heat very fast.

But the hazard is that,

It leaches toxins in food while cooking, especially sour food,

Like tomato sauces, backing soda, vinegar, lemon. Etc.

These toxins crosses blood/brain barrier and

are more harmful to your neurons-known as neurotoxins.

This leads to ALZHEIMER’S disease.

Sale of aluminium vessels is prohibited in Germany, France,Belgium,Hungary and Brazil.


While it is good to drink water from copper pots, it is not a good idea to use copper for cooking.

Food cooked in copper pot can lead to your gastrointestinal tract distress and light headaches.

It can destroy vitamin-c, folic acid, and vitamin-E from your food.

3 Cook ware to use:


It is a very good medium to cook in.

You may be benefited with iron which is leaching out from iron cookware.

The only issue with your iron pot is that

it can destroy vitamin-c from your food.

So, you need to take Vitamin C from your uncooked food like

juicy fruits, sprouted pulse, green leafy vegetables.


It is mostly non-reactive.

It is available in different grades-200 grades are more prone to corrosion.

400 series are even more corrosive than 300 series.

The best are 316 grade products. They are high-end grade, they are also

called surgical steel.

Stainless steel is costlier than Aluminium,

but it is always advisable to spend money

for the sake of your health rather then on mobiles and other gadgets.


The oldest cookware on earth is full of numerous health benefits-maintains natural nutrients and vitamins of your food.

Food retains its natural flavour.

It also enhances the taste of your food.

Clay is naturally non-stick!

You need to add very little oil while cooking.

Surprisingly, you will also need to add very less sugar as compared to other cookware.

Your clay pots are also environment friendly- they are made up of all-natural substances. This means – no harmful chemicals that can react with your food.

Completely biodegradable-if it ever cracks or breaks,

it can easily become the part of crust of mother earth-genuinely it is ‘The green cookware!’

Take home message-

Remove Aluminium and Non-stick from your kitchen,

and have more of the clay cookware!

That all for today.

See you next Tuesday with another Tuesday tip

Till than….

Take care.

Providing simple solutions for the complexities of life-

Dr. Bhumita Makwana

Your Dietitian & Cosmetic Clinician.

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