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Wi-fi : The Problem & The Solutions

Wi-fi : The problem & the solutions

This pandemic has changed your life and now

you are used to many things

like wearing mask, social distancing,

avoiding mass gathering, frequently washing hands,

work from home, school from home etc. This is all

new normal to you now. Mainly post covid, internet & wi-fi are

playing even more important roles in your life.

You probably can’t live without internet today especially if you

are working from home, or if you have a school or college student at home!

When your wi-fi is on, radiations are created.

these radiations are absorbed by your

body surface particularly the head region.

And when you are exposed to these radiations for

long period of time,  it causes formation

of free radicals in your body leading to various diseases.

The most common problems related to long-term exposure to wi-fi are:

  • Higher fatigue
  • Higher irritability
  • Fertility issues
  • Lower immunity
  • Poor sleep quality
  • Migraines

But don’t worry!

I know now in this new normal life it is not possible for

you to stop using your internet. But there are few precautions which

you can definitely take to reduce your exposure to wi-fi

radiation and ultimately reduce your problems.

The solutions are:

  • Turn off wi-fi at night
  • Leave your cell phone out of your bed room
  • Turn off your mobile data when not in use
  • While using your smart phone to talk for

more than a few minutes, use a wired headphone instead of

directly putting the phone on your ears.

  • Instead of using Bluetooth or truly wireless earbuds, better use wired


  • Lastly, carry your mobile phones in your hand bag instead of pockets.


One more important thing –

Have you ever thought that last when you

have walked bare foot on mother earth?

Try to walk barefoot on green grass. This will provide

Earthing of your body with mother earth.

Research says that daily contact with mother earth

neutralizes free radicals which are formed in your body

due to over exposure to wi-fi radiation. So, walk at least 20-30 minutes

barefoot on grass. This grounding will help you to reduce

your pain, improve your sleep, decreases muscle tension and lower your stress.

Try to connect with the nature.

That’s all for today

See you next Tuesday with another Tuesday tip

Till then, take care.

Providing simple solutions for the complexities of life

Dr Bhumita Makwana

Your dietitian & Homeopathic physician.





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