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The Connection In Between Thyroid Treatment & Calcium Supplements…

The connection in between Thyroid Treatment & Calcium Supplements…

In my clinic I have seen many patients who are

diagnosed to have thyroid disease at

their menopausal age. And, these women also take

calcium supplement on their own thinking that

osteoporosis is universal at menopause. But, they are

unaware that calcium supplement can

interfere with their thyroid medicine. They never

discuss about supplements they are taking on

their own with their doctors and thus,

their parameter of thyroid test may not be

under control even if they are taking proper medicine.


Usually, the medicine for thyroid is taken

before breakfast on empty stomach and

Calcium supplements are taken after breakfast. The reason

for taking thyroid medicine on empty is, to allow

the medicine to get absorbed properly. Calcium can

prevent the absorption of your thyroid medicine. If the gap

of taking thyroid medicine and calcium is very small, like

half an hour, it is not adequate. Calcium supplement can still

interfere in the absorption of your thyroid medicine.


  • Take these 2 drugs at least 3—4 hours apart.
  • Take your thyroid medicine empty stomach before breakfast, &

calcium supplement after your lunch.

  • Many a time you start supplement like calcium on

your own. You must always discuss all the medicines or

Supplements you are taking with your prescribing doctor.

  • Milk is also good source of calcium. So, you should avoid

Taking milk, tea, coffee in the breakfast immediately after

Taking your thyroid medicine.

  • You can take your milk, tea, coffee mid-morning in

between your breakfast and lunch.



I know, it might be difficult to change the timing of

your morning milk, tea or coffee. But, taking care of

your thyroid is more important. Getting counselling from

qualified dietitian might help!


That’s all for today,

See you next Tuesday with another Tuesday Tip.

Till then,

Take care…

Providing simple solutions for the complexities of life-

Dr Bhumita Makwana

Your Dietitian & Cosmetic Clinician

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