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STOP! More Is NOT Always Good

STOP! More is NOT always good


Taking mega doses of multivitamins can be dangerous to your health

Previously people used to take multivitamins tablets according

to doctor’s advice. But now, you see many forwards on

social media about benefits of multivitamins tablets and their

availability. Especially after this pandemic break. You want to increase

your immunity to protect yourself from this infection. In

order to increase your immunity,

you take these multivitamins on your own.  Worst part is that

you also give these tablets to your children &, elderly parents.

You give these tablets without knowing its doses. Thinking that

it is multivitamin tablet. So, if you will give it more,

it will benefits more. But let me tell you one thing that


Taking mega doses of multivitamins can

be dangerous to your health.”


  • Vitamin A, D & E are fat soluble vitamins. This means, your body can

store them & use them later when the need of the vitamin arises

in your body.


  • However, when you take excessive doses of these vitamins as supplements,

rather than helping you, they can have adverse effects on your body.

# vitamin A

Taking too much of vitamin A supplements can lead to:

  • Nausea
  • Increase intracranial pressure.

# vitamin D

Taking too much of vitamin D supplements can lead to:

  • Irregular heart beat
  • Raised blood calcium level which leads to organ failure.


# vitamin E

Taking too much of vitamin E supplements can lead to:

  • Interference in your blood clotting
  • Hemorrhagic stroke

Emotional Indian mother always think that if she will give more to her

children then they will benefit more. But always remember: supplements are not

food. So, you can’t take or give it to your family as much as you want.

Excessive consumption of anything beyond a certain limit can be

Harmful for your health.

That all for today

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Take care

Providing simple solutions for the complexities of life

Dr Bhumita Makwana

Your Dietitian & Homoeopathic Physician.  

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