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Shocking FACTS about road-side Panipuri! (Gujarati Video included)


If you prefer to watch Gujarati video over reading a blog, just watch the video at the beginning of this blog! This is video recording of Dr. Bhumita Makwana getting interviewed live on ABP Asmita.

&, continue reading if you prefer to read, or

if you don’t understand Gujarati 😊!

Pani puri contains both cooked and uncooked materials.

There are three main ingredients in panipuri:


2)Potato and chana stuffing and

3)Phudina pani (water)


Puri is made out of suji and maida

Maida contains zero fibre.

Fibre is very healthy for your intestine.

  • Fiber improves your digestion.
  • Fibre gives you satiety feeling.
  • Fibre helps you to cure constipation.
  • Fiber also keep your cholesterol level under control.

And, as maida contains zero fibre,

it takes long time to digest in your stomach.

Puri is prepared under very poor hygienic surrounding

Also, the oil used to fry puri is very unhealthy.

Click here to read our previous tip about

Re-used oil being used by the vendors.

You will come to know why you should avoid

Consuming outside fried food- & this includes Puri of Panipuri.


Street vendor buy poor quality rotten potatoes

as they are very cheap.

They boil it in very dirty water.

They also put soda in chickpeas (Chana) while boiling.

This soda washes your gut flora (good bacteria of your intestine).

These good bacteria help you to secrets important vitamins in your intestine like vitamin b12

Soda will worsen your blood pressure.

When you eat such rotten potatoes,

it gets fermentation in your intestine.

This leads to gas formation in your intestine.

It can also lead to indigestion and pain in your abdomen.


Street vendors use pudina and coriander leaves which are of very poor quality.

They never clean these leafy vegetables properly.

They use it directly without even washing them.

This contaminate your pani with multiple bacteria.

Street vendor use citric acid flakes (limbu

na phul) instead of fresh lemon.

This citric acid when taken very frequently ,

causes many allergy like skin rash,

itching and swelling on your face,

joint pain with swelling,

Body ache etc.

Tamarind chatni

It is good for health  when taken occasionally.

But, when you eat spoiled chatni,

it leads to sore throat, allergy,

gas formation and bloating with stomach ache.

Diseases caused due to contaminated water and food are

  • Cholera
  • Typhoid

We have discussed these diseases in detail in our previous tips.

Click here to read about Cholera,

Click here to read about Typhoid &,

Click here to know about Hepatitis A (Jaundice).

You should avoid outside Panipuri as far

as possible, especially in this monsoon season!

That’s all for today

See you next Tuesday

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Till then…..

Take care.

Providing simple solution for complexities of life-

Dr Bhumita makwana

Your Dietitian & Cosmetic Clinician










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